Mirror Mirror…

Hughes Marino is a tenant-buyer representing company that engages in site selection, portfolio lease management, culture consulting, construction management and planning and design activities (Glassdoor). 


The Hughes Marino company is known to have a strong culture that many employees and stakeholders have shaped for more than a decade. With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company implemented a few communication adjustments that strengthened its culture further.


Using cameras during meetings


Long before the pandemic, the company used video phones to communicate between staff from different branches countrywide. This helped the employees to establish strong relationships and made collaboration between team members easy. This practice at Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm helped the members feel connected, which improved their participation during the pandemic.


Virtual meetings


The arrival of the pandemic made it easier for the Hughes Marino teams to adopt the use of technology. This allowed them to have virtual meetings. This improved the connection between different offices, and sharing of experiences and knowledge became easier. These meetings have strengthened their bonds, and their participation has greatly improved.


Use of emails


The Hughes Marino company uses email in two ways to strengthen its culture. First, they use emails to acknowledge their wins and what they are thankful for. Regularly, the leader sends an email to all teams recounting what he is grateful for on that day. All the members of the representation firm reply with grateful moments in their lives. Secondly, the Hughes Marino company has email groups for various things the members are interested in. There are groups for cooking, workouts and pets. Many friendships have been created from these groups.