Mirror Mirror…

Writing for bandt.com, April 1, 2022, Alex Anyfantis shares the latest Yubo development accessed through the social platform Discord. They are doing it again -providing GenZ with technology to believe in and invest in. During the summer of 2021, Pixels was launched and loved. Pixels gave the user the ability to collect digital art and share it with others through a social platform. This time the user has been given the ability to invest, collect, earn, and create.

This new NFT collection, the Rando’s, gives the user earning potential by the user offering live paid events using this generative art. Part-ownership in Rando is available with each purchase. Sending pixels will now become an income opportunity as well.

Anyfantis goes on to report the value of purchasing these non-fungible collections. Yubo is making it possible to take one form of digital art as a basis for creating a new piece of digital art while keeping digital art as a valued asset GenZ will not be left to figure out how all this will work.

Questions can be posted at numerous forums:

  • 24/7 Staff available within Discord
  • Informational events
  • Q&A led by Yubo CEO, Sacha Lazimi

Yubo hopes to educate young users on the value of NFTs {non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and WEB 3.0. Actively educating its users on the token economy and the 3D metaverse that will be created clearly gives the user the earning power Yubo hopes to share. Users signing up from the beginning will benefit from Yubo’s cryptocurrency currency debuting in mid-2023.

Original source to learn more: https://www.data.ai/en/apps/ios/app/1038653883/