Mirror Mirror…

Many successful business people have very moving stories of how they realized the success they enjoy today. However, Richard Liu’s journey to success is more inspiring, and it gives hope to many upcoming entrepreneurs, making them believe that they can also make it in life despite the struggles they face today. Richard was brought up by his parents in a remote village, making him miss some of the opportunities enjoyed by kids in developed towns. However, that did not kill his dream of becoming a successful businessperson.

Liu’s parents were farmers, and they worked in the garden all day long. During this time, he remained under his grandmother’s care. Richard helped her undertake different chores and even accompanied her to the shopping center when she wanted to buy meat and other commodities. Richard Liu was very interested in things that he felt could help him change the lives of his community members. He gained a lot of interest when he saw electricity working for the first time in a town several kilometers from his home. It motivated him to work hard in his studies, enabling him to get an opportunity of joining a reputable school in a developed town.

Lui Qiangdong was one of the few graduates from his village, which earned him respect. However, he still faced challenges after graduating from college. For example, his first business failed because he did not take time to learn how to manage a business before venturing into the entrepreneurship industry. As a result, it took him a few years to learn how to operate a business, enabling him to make better decisions.

Richard Liu’s current success started when he started an online shop. It has made him very successful, earning him respect from other company bosses and upcoming entrepreneurs. In addition, his company has created numerous job opportunities, one of his wishes when starting his firm.

Learn more about Richard Liu: https://www.jd.co.th/