Mirror Mirror…

No matter where you come from or who you are, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has either affected your life personally, economically, socially, or psychologically. It is one of those things in our lives that are beyond control, but all we can do is live through it and hope for a better future. In this article, I am going to inform you about Andreas Hassellof, the founder of Ombori, and how his company has survived and endured Covid-19; to dominate the digital marketing space.

Ombori Grid is a technologically driven brand whose main purpose is to give customers a digital experience in tangible spaces. What does this mean? Andreas Hassellof, a tech entrepreneur and the CEO of the company, provides the customer with ease and digitalized comfort to be part of smart offices, smart kiosks, and smart airports among others. Sounds futuristic right? But the attack of Covid-19 on the economy caused some businesses to fall and on the other hand, opened doors for tech companies like Ombori to reach their full potential.

The lifesaving idea of Andreas Hassellof during Covid-19

After the hit of Covid-19 in 2020, which resulted in lockdowns worldwide, most projects in Ombori were placed on hold. So, it became a necessity for Andreas Hassellof to innovate a quick idea before becoming insolvent. This event pushed the brand to make a deal with Kjell, a retail chain company based in Sweden; about developing an IoT system to count the number of customers in stores for easy deployment.

Luckily, Andreas Hassellof with his team had already created different software and hardware to be easily transferred to clients without physical contact. As a result, the development of PresenceKit for IoT became an effective approach to building a ready-to-use marketplace, digital signage, Azure IoT applications, order pickup systems, and video customer service.

Sometimes challenges come into our lives not to discourage us but unleash the driven part of our being to go an extra mile in finding solutions.

Original source to learn more: https://ombori.com/