Mirror Mirror…

Water is essential for human and animals’ lives. Apart from that, water is also used for other various purposes such as cooking, washing, and irrigation. Therefore, without water, life becomes challenging. Edgard Corona realized the water shortage in his country, which left him with many thoughts on how to help come up with a solution to the problem. He doesn’t like to see people suffering and, therefore, tries hard to come up with a solution to their problems.

Edgard Corona is also a businessperson and would apply some business tips even as he strives to solve a problem. Un 2009, he launched the SmartFit company alongside with Bio Ritmo. All his companies offer services at low costs that would be affordable to the majority of the people. His interest is to attract as many customers as possible to SmartFit. Edgard Corona said he would rather lose customers in his club than lose them to his competitors. The custom was therefore left to choose between these two companies. What he wanted to ensure is that the customers put his facilities among their first and second-best choice.

Edgard Corona resigned from his job to invest in Bio Ritmo. As it is with every other business, he faced a lot of challenges. It even reached a point when the club lost a lot of money and almost collapsed. But after that, he visited London and got inspired by the experience he gained out there. He, therefore, designed his restaurant just as he saw those of London to help attract more customers. The restaurant was very clean with a good colour scheme. Its lighting was also intensely focused.

Even as they offered low-interest services, they also had to gain some interest because that is the aim of every business. The cost made them face many challenges, and therefore it was difficult for them to grow. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.