Mirror Mirror…

The coronavirus infection rates are falling and vaccination movements are now picking up and many nations are lifting the measures and restrictions. However, India is in the middle of a devastating wave, therefore, hospitals are struggling, supplies are diminishing, and the entire healthcare lacks sufficient staff members and funds.

The devastation levels are raging, and various regions are responding differently. Charities and philanthropic efforts in the world are garnering resources to impact dents regardless of their size in anchoring the nation’s relief efforts that question how donors help in the demanding circumstances.

Therefore, another dilemma of altruism and wealth tension is now more apparent, and some statistics have exhibited that. For instance, the high-income residents got about 47% of the vaccine doses, but only account for 16% of the world’s population. Other studies have revealed an inequality gap between the billionaires and the low- and middle-income earners are overwhelming.

Vinod Gupta is an investor, humanitarian, business person, and Indian living in America. He has donated about $50 million, and he has a simple philosophy that focuses more on altruism.

Vinod Gupta said that people should not hold worldly possession so highly because after dying one does not carry them along. Therefore, he said that his wealth should be given to charity on his death just like how society sacrificed a lot to give him a beautiful life.

Vinod’s career has, therefore, impacted a lot on people’s lives through the donations he made. He even founded a Foundation that facilitated access to substantive education where all the donations focused on. In 1991, Vinod Gupta set up a College of Management by endowing two million US dollars at IIT Kharagpur.

Vinod Gupta’s Biography

Vinod has two jobs, one at Everest Group working as the Chairperson and Managing Partner. He also founded Data Axle. Gupta is an agricultural engineer from Lincoln’s University of Nebraska.