Mirror Mirror…

Dr. Jeffrey Harris is a renowned financial guru after working as a Chief Economist for Online Trading Academy and other training sectors. During his tenure, he created a significant mark changing financial markets in any way possible. He was responsible for various projects as well as creating new opportunities.

Recently he showed his concerns explaining how trading training matters in finance. During his time, he did not have an opportunity to learn and improve his skills. However, he has devoted his time to help upcoming investors understand the need for retail education.

Current Position

Recently this investor is the Chair for the American University Kogod School of Business. After seeking the third opinion from Dr. Jeffery Harris, he expounded that he is devoted to change people’s points of view on trading education. He is working on expanding his participation in financial markets addressing the public. Such commitment is noticeable through his career role at Online Trading Academy.

His Contributions

OTA has established over 24 training centers to enroll more than 70,000 students and equip them with advanced knowledge. Over the years, 90% of the beneficiaries have rated this institution at the top. This doctor and professor created a reputable system that accommodates more than 100,000 survey classes. This system educates thousands of people. Online Trading Academy has ensured that people have access to advanced training on how financial markets operate in the modern world.


COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for OTA as many people are now interested in ways of working from home or online. Dr. Jeffrey Harris has shown the need for people to learn from a reputable organization to be equipped with all necessary skills. After attending this company, he ensured to review the courses offered and extended the learning track. Today there are more online classes at Online Trading Academy.

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