Mirror Mirror…

In order to keep pace in such an expanding economy, business leaders often have to be very disciplined and courage in the choices they make along the way. It requires an owner who is skilled at management and outreach for a venture gain traction. As the globe entered a new century, it became the perfect opportunity to revisit the classic methods of getting a business rolling. The key begins in the earliest stages with an effective campaign to get a product or service in the hands of consumers. Joseph Ashford Ellis explores all the options during an interview with Ideamensch.

The city of London has stood proud for centuries. As a location that was once the center of the world, and even today still holds high status, it is often the breeding grounds for new ideas to take root. Joseph Ashford Ellis embarked on his journey from a passive role within in the industry. He began as average worker who was given tasks from an employer. He worked in these jobs for many years before it became apparent that the accumulated experience was higher than required. This was the genesis of what would become known as K4 Global. It was a firm that would act as a new pillar supporting modern businesses.

Joseph Ashford Ellis keeps K4 Global together through a measured approach to his work life. While industry peers devote no less than 18 hours to the workday, he prefers to stick to a morning to night schedule. This allows for mental breaks that keep him from over work. Similarly, the team at K4 Global holds a lot of weight in setting the course for clients. London is an environment where all types of businesses can prosper, but those with support Joseph Ashford Ellis are setting a new course. Refer to this page for additional information