Mirror Mirror…

Real estate is a vast sector that most people would like to invest in. Moreover, it guarantees a return on investment. Real estate comprises many aspects. In this discussion, let us brush over one prominent real estate investor. Stephen Bittel owns the Terranova Corporation. The company is listed among the top firms in South Florida.

The company’s achievements

Terranova Corporation is a multi-company operating in diverse geographical areas. The company started in 1980 and now has been in existence for over 40years. The company was started in the humblest form, starting from the business owner’s home. It is currently working on several projects, currently the Lincoln Road on the Miami beach. In the future, the company is looking at expanding the portfolio through the acquisition of debt and equity and more

Top traits to possess

The business owner mentions three essential qualities for any entrepreneur to possess. One is the empathy trait. The skill is critical for any entrepreneur who wishes to drive the business to success. It is a skill needed in our everyday life as much as needed in the business sector. It is essential to understand everyone’s perception.  Additionally, another skill required is to be goal-driven. The leader is the person that a business revolves around. With this in mind, every leader must have a clear vision and strategies that everyone must follow to achieve success. The other important skill is integrity. It is a trait that keeps the leader grounded and the company goal-oriented. Integrity will make a leader persist amidst challenges.

Final view

Stephen Bittel, the chairman and founder of Terranova Corporation, studied at the University of Miami. The company attaining the 40-year mark the founder is keen on Florida’s commercial real estate. The founder is also following up in the hotel sector in Miami. As a result, the company has grown to become one of the top real estate companies in the city.