Mirror Mirror…

Author Solutions is the top provider of self-publishing services to aspiring authors all over the world. It also has several self-publishing imprints, including AuthorHouse and iUniverse.

If you are thinking about becoming a self-published author or already have a manuscript ready, then Author Solutions is the first step to get started and introduce the World to your book and see your stories come to life in the eyes of your readers. They will help you get started in the most simple way possible.

To get started, Author Solutions needs to know a little bit about you. Filling out a form is one-way Author Solutions can get in touch with you. Just let them know whether or not you already have your manuscript ready to go. If you’re working on it, they will need to know how close you are to finishing. They will also need your phone number, name, email, and address.

Next, you get the information you need to start your self-publishing journey. Author Solutions is very informative, and they also give you a marketing consultant so you can share more details about your book and any questions and/or concerns you may have. You will find out how to publish, market, and sell your book. The start of the process is the most exciting because you are finally on your way to become a self-published author.

When you’re done with the first two steps, you can start putting your plan into action and publish your book with Author Solutions. You may want to look over your manuscript and make sure that all your sentences and paragraphs flow naturally together. Make sure to spell check and that you don’t have any errors. You can ask your consultant about pricing and if they have an editing department that you have to go through. Once you have filled out the form with your information, downloaded the guide, and have sent them your manuscript to get started, you are on your way to becoming the World’s newest bestselling author. Visit this page for related information.


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