Why Susan McGalla Says Being A Woman Isn’t What Matters

Susan McGalla loves her work in marketing and branding strategies and she’s become one of the top female executives in the Pittsburgh area. While local and even national news outlets have made her accomplishments as a woman feature stories, McGalla really doesn’t care about that. The reason is because she has adhered to the principles she learned from her family about how people in the workplace should be viewed as people alone and not looked at through the lens of a gender-specific accomplishment. McGalla has reinforced this saying at conferences she’s spoken at addressing young women in business.

Susan McGalla is originally from East Liverpool, Ohio and grew up as a football enthusiast, a reason that may have shaped her later decision to join the Pittsburgh Steelers’ marketing department. She attended college at Mt Union and completed a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She joined the Joseph Horne Company, a now-defunct company based in Pittsburgh and started heading the store’s merchandising operations. From there she joined American Eagle Outfitters, the company that she was with the longest and it was there that she became the company’s first female executive. She held the position as both chief merchandising officer and president, and during her time there the company rolled out several new apparel lines that were inclusive of female customers.

McGalla loved her time at American Eagle, but she decided to take her executive experience up another level. She joined the board of directors at HFF, a Pittsburgh real estate investment company and also joined the research foundation of the Magee Women’s Hospital. She decided to start her own branding consulting company known as P3 Executive Consulting which connects with various clients looking for marketing and merchandising ideas. McGalla guides the merchandising developers of the Pittsburgh Steelers in jersey and memorabilia creation to appeal to a diverse fan group. McGalla is also a mother who has had to balance out her career with attending to the needs of her child, and she has spoken to various married and single women about how forming a routine of both working out and rest can balance out their lives.

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