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Why Eating After 7 PM Can be Dangerous To Your Health

A new health study claims that people who eat after 7:00 p.m. are up to three times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. The study of more than 700 people tracked eating habits and other environmental factors and weighed that data against the number of people who had a heart attack or stroke during the time of the study.

Researcher Dr. Ebru Ozpelit, presented her results at the the European Society of Cardiology Congress and said the increased health problems seems to be the result of the patients blood pressure.

According to researchers, most people’s blood pressure drops up to 10 percent when they are sleeping. But people who eat just before they go to sleep have steady blood pressure rates. That turns out to be a problem because that dropping blood pressure rate allows a person’s body to heal overnight. The steady blood pressure puts increased stress on the body, which can lead to an increased likelihood of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

People who have blood pressure that doesn’t dip during sleep are referred to as “non-dippers” and they are a large part of the global population. For example, experts estimate that as much as 40 percent of people with hypertension are also “non-dippers,” and that potentially could hint at a large number of otherwise preventable heart attacks and strokes.

The study also showed that people have better health results if they eat three meals a day and eat them roughly at the same time each day. That regularity allows the body to get into a digestive rhythm and it also reduces the stress on the body in general. So experts suggest the healthiest approach to eating is to consume three healthy meals a day, spaced out regularly to minimize any nutritional shocks to the body. They also warn against skipping meals, a practice which might be as dangerous to the body as eating late in the evening.

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