When you think about summer, you might think about all of the fresh produce that you can get in the grocery store or at a farmer’s market. From green beans to cantaloupe, you can get just about anything to make a delicious meal for your family. When you purchase any kind of produce, it’s important that you wash it and look for any bruising or soft spots. This could indicate that there has been an insect on the food or that the food has been sitting for a long period of time.

If you want to save your summer produce so that it can be used throughout the rest of the year, then consider canning your items. All you need to do is cook the produce before putting it in a jar of brine. Secure the lid on the jar with a pressure cooker. This will keep the food fresh until it’s needed. If you enjoy a nice green salad, then consider spicing it up with a bit of cumin and allspice that have been toasted. Peppercorn is also an idea if you want a bit of heat in the salad. You can make this dish using any kind of greens that are found at a farmer’s market along with slices of other vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers or squash. Create a dish that is appealing to the eye by adding brighter produce instead of only using the greens.

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