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Mike Heiligenstein is a man widely known for his precious transportation ideologies. He is a man in love with transportation systems, and this is one of the reasons as to why he is the current head of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). CTRMA is an independent government agency created in 2002 to help solve the traffic congestion problem that most Texas residents experienced at the time.


With CTRMA being a company dealing with a very vital sector, it needed the best leader to guarantee its success. Thus, Mike was the only best option to fill in the post of executive director since he not only came with newer and better ideas but also had the education and experience background to back him up. Ever since the inauguration of Heiligenstein into CTRMA, he has seen to it that all the firm’s flagships projects have come to a realization. For instance, it is under his leadership that toll collection in Central Texas has been digitized, a move that has seen an increase in revenue collection within the region. It is from these financial proceeds that Mike has been able to initiate other infrastructure projects within Texas, mainly centering on road, airport, seaports and transit systems.


As an experienced leader, Mike Heiligenstein is a staunch advocate for the improvement of non-motorized transport facilities within central Mexico. It is for this reason that he ensures that any new road network within this area integrates these services. With Mike being a leader of a vital docket in Mexico, he has shown tremendous ingenuity by using the newest technology to construct transport infrastructure. It his belief that modern transportation facilities can only keep up with the ever-growing human population provided that engineers consider using advanced technology in their designs.


Under his leadership, Mike plans to see to it that CTRMA constructs modern parking spaces that encourage sustainability. For CTRMA to achieve sustainability, these parking yards ought to be put up in a manner that reduces the vertical headroom, thus creating more vertical room to park many more vehicles. Hence, Mike Heiligenstein is a man who will take CTRMA to greater heights.

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