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The Top Foods You’ll Want to Swap Out for a Healthier Diet

For most of us, there are tons of foods that we’ve labeled as healthy since we were kids, but they’re not actually that healthy. The following list includes the top foods that appear healthy but actually aren’t. You’ll want to swap these foods out for healthier alternatives, and we’ll give you some ideas.


Fruit juice


How could fruit juice be unhealthy, you ask? It’s a shame, but most of the fruit juice that you see and buy at the grocery store is full of sugar. Some fruit juices even have as much sugar as regular soda drinks. Furthermore, many fruit juices have had their fiber taken out of them, so there’s really no reason to continue drinking them for health benefits. Instead of fruit juice, try an actual piece of fruit. It will quench your thirst and give you more essential nutrients and fiber.


Granola bars


Granola bars can definitely be healthy, but healthy granola bars are the minority. For the most part, the granola bars that you see in the cereal aisle at the grocery store are as bad as the candy bars that you see in the checkout lane. If you can’t live without your daily granola bar snack, however, consider swapping out the traditional granola bars that you’re used to eating for something that is low in additives and sugar. These healthier alternatives are usually in a small area next to the big brand granola bars, but they are there.


Oatmeal in instant, pre-flavored packets


Oatmeal in and of itself is definitely healthy, but the pre-flavored packets of instant oatmeal are not healthy. These have tons of sugar in them, and they are actually highly processed so that they can cook faster. This takes all of the good stuff out of oatmeal and just adds sugar and artificial ingredients. Instead of opting for these little packets, make your own oatmeal with regular oats. Steel cut oats are the best because they have their wheat germs still intact. To give them more flavor, use vanilla flavored almond milk, cinnamon and a little bit of honey on top.


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