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The Top Foods for Hydration and the Best Recipes Utilizing Them

Summer is finally here, which means that eating healthy is easier for most. Not only do the high temperatures make a person inclined to eat less, but they allow the body to crave cold, raw, and natural foods. Surely some of these foods are better to eat than others because they serve more than one purpose. Aside from keeping you full and on top of your nutrition game, certain foods are full of water, a necessity for keeping hydrated in the hotter months. The Food Network makes sure you know which foods are best for hydration and, of course, provides some recipes that allow you to eat these foods all at once.


The Food: Iceberg Lettuce


Most know that this household staple is mostly water and perfect for traditional house salads. Despite its low calorie count, iceberg lettuce is full of soluble fiber, a fact that keeps a person fuller longer.


The Recipe:


Given its versatility, one can use this lettuce in a plethora of recipes. Among the most common is a garden salad, a meal including the lettuce, chopped purple onions, shredded carrots, sliced cherry tomatoes, and a dressing of choice. To achieve the utmost health, consider drizzling olive oil and lemon juice on the ingredients before tossing to perfection.


The Food: Skim Milk


Those who dislike skim milk have either not tired it or are simply addicted to the delicious fat content of rich, whole milk. Sure, fat tends to equate to flavor, but that is not necessarily a healthy truth. Skim milk is full of water, healthy vitamins, and zero fat. Because of this, it is ideal to drink this all year long, especially when the temperature is hot.


The Recipe:


Choose two fruits and cut a half a cup of each. Add these items to a blender, place ice into the appliance, and add one cup of skim milk before blending a healthy, hydrating smoothie that can also double as a meal. Sneak some kale into the mixture to boost nutrition.


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