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The Story Of Marc Sparks Road To Success

Marc Spark’s story is about big dreams and bare-bones success. His success and achievements came from remaining positive during the toughest of times and an incredibly strong faith in God. He threw himself into the world of business with only a high school diploma he earned in 1975 while living in Austin, Texas. Marc Sparks learned by creating numerous startup companies. He is the definition of a self-made man and has explored real estate, telecommunications, and capital investments. He has remained humble due to his failures and has been involved with companies such as Timber Creek Capital. Starting in 2000 Timber Creek has given entrepreneurs the assistance they needs for capital, equipment, office space, web development, graphic art, accounting, legal, customer service, banking, marketing, and sales.


From 2001 until 2005 Marc Sparks provided analysis and decision products through GlobalTec Solutions and became involved with Splash Media in 2004. The business has become one of the biggest services for media marketing worldwide and specializes in programming services, SEM, SEO, and video production. Reliant Healthcare was established in 2006 and operated until 2011. This was a management company in the healthcare field sponsored by physicians. They focused on healthcare operations and inpatient rehabilitation.


Sparks career continued with Agency Matrix from 2007 until 2011. The company used user-friendly tools and automation to provide solutions for business offices. Cobalt Real Estate Services was founded in 2009 and is still operating. The company focuses on residential property sales and management for multi-families and commercial properties is Texas. Blue Jay Wireless is also a current company established in 2012 and works in the field of prepaid telecommunications for individuals with credit difficulties and either a low income or no income. Boxstar LLC was founded in 2014 and specializes in shipping label advertising. Marc Sparks current businesses also includes a national distributer of cellphones created in 2014 and called Cardinal Telecom LLC. His handcrafted manufacturer for vodka is called Bonn Oir and was established in 2015. Also created in 2015 is Uncle Marc Food Delivery. The business delivers food to restaurants in the area.


Marc Sparks has become recognized for his energy and enthusiasm and this combined with his philanthropy has earned hi numerous accolades. He has generously donated time and money to The Samaritan Inn, The American Can, Habitat for Humanity, and created a foundation to help underprivileged youths named Sparky’s Kids. His mentoring programs have given entrepreneurs the tools and leadership skills they need to succeed. In 2014 Marc Sparks published a book titled They Can’t Eat You. This is his story and covers everything from his shoestring budget to his discoveries as a serial entrepreneur. The book has been warmly received all over the world.

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