The International Tax Expertise Of Cone Marshall

The world of international business is lucrative and vital to the functioning of many economies. The process of conducting international business is complicated and requires expert planning in order to pull it off. If I were trying to start a business with overseas operations, I’d clearly need to find someone who understands international tax laws and how to manage trusts in order to pull it off successfully. Understanding the need for such professionals Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall decided to form Cone Marshall. Using Geoffrey Cone’s expertise and experience with international taxes and Karen Marshall’s experience with trust management the duo have managed to help many clients understand and comply with the standards New Zealand sets for international taxes.

New Zealand’s tax laws focus on tax transparency. One of the biggest problems in international business is the issue of tax evasions. Companies and individuals looking to find a way to avoid paying taxes will hide money in countries that allow them to avoid disclosing financial information. This results in business deals being done essentially under the table and without regulation. The tax transparency laws are designed to require disclosure of financial transactions in order to prevent companies from using New Zealand to circumvent tax laws in their home countries.

Cone Marshall is a firm with tax transparency in mind. The firm informs you about New Zealand’s tax laws and just what is needed in order for investors to comply with the law with their comprehensive international tax planning services. The firm goes even further and offers trust management as well. Simply informing clients on how to comply with the laws of New Zealand isn’t enough for Cone Marshall. Cone Marshall helps its clients maximize the profits received from investments made in New Zealand. The combination of these two services really helps clients excel.

Cone Marshall operates in a very unique niche. International law takes dedication, experience, and expertise that few are able to obtain. When Cone and Marshall decided to work together they brought skills and expertise at a level few will ever obtain. The teamwork they produce makes them among the finest in New Zealand.

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