If you are a nut lover, then here is some more good news for you. You have probably heard that eating nuts may be beneficial for you. Nuts after all are a much healthier alternative than potato chips, Doritos and other junk food snacks. Now there are some exciting scientific studies out that show that consuming a few nuts a day can help you live longer and healthier. Here are the details below.


A research review of 20 studies looking at nut consumption found some very positive results for those who consumed the most nuts. When compared to people who ate the least amount of nuts, people who consumed the most nuts had a significantly reduced risk of developing certain diseases. For example, a 29% reduction for developing coronary heart disease, a 21% reduction for developing cardiovascular disease and a reduction in the risk for getting cancer by about 15%.


These statistics from the research review of twenty studies should be more than enough to get you munch on some nuts instead of some potato chips or Cheetos. After all who doesn’t want to reduce their risk of developing fatal diseases? And is there an easier way to do that than by just munching on some nuts while you are watching TV?


If you thought that was all of the positive information about nut consumption, then we have even more good news for you as well.  The research review also found that those consumed the most nuts a day had a 52% lower chance of developing a respiratory disease, a 39% reduction in the risk for developing diabetes and a whopping 75% reduction in getting an infectious disease such as the cold and flu. Who knew that nuts could be so healthy for you?


How many nuts should you consume a day? The health benefits from nuts according to the study from consuming as little as one ounce of nuts a day. This is about 24 almonds or 12 pecan halves. So you don’t need to consume a lot of nuts to reap the health benefits. Nuts contain fiber, antioxidants and healthy polyunsaturated fats. They can also reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. So pick up some nuts while you are at the store and get crackin!


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