Talk Fusion’s Success in Leadership and Giving

Talk Fusion is a technology company providing video marketing and communications solutions. It is famous for introducing video email to business communications and pioneering innovation in the video marketing space. Talk Fusion is headed by CEO and Founder Bob Reina. He is a marketing professional, motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mentor.


Under his leadership, Talk Fusion has grown from a small startup in 2007 to a household name in the technology industry. It currently has affiliate programs and channel representatives in more than 140 countries around the world. It is credited with charting the way in technology involving real-time face-time. Businesses can extend their service offerings and enjoy exceptional communications with clients and associates. Real-time video communication leads to quicker decisions and faster business growth. It also saves on the logistics budget.


In like manner, the giving, a part of a very active corporate culture at Talk Fusion, has grown. The global network of associates expands their giving arm to a global scale. Through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is an active philanthropist dedicated to protecting animals, empowering communities, and changing lives. Leading by example, he is in the frontline in enabling charities to transform lives.


Bob Reina supports animal shelters such as the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, his former employer; the police service; and local communities. In addition, he helped the Japan tsunami and Nepal earthquake victims. Bob Reina funds youth sports and does not shy away from smaller causes such as medical bills.


Recently, Bob launched a Talk Fusion marketing program to help charities across the world grow their reach. Under the program, a Talk Fusion Associate extends a free account to a charity. The account, named the Custom Monthly Plan, contains all Talk Fusion video marketing products and branding services to help a charity achieve its visibility and communications needs.


Bob Reina’s ingenuity in identifying solutions and genuine need to help people attain their dreams has demonstrated his leadership to be a cut above the rest. His life is a testament to the change he advocates. Before establishing Talk Fusion, Bob spent years as a police officer in Tampa Bay, the perfect opportunity to help those in need.

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