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Susan McGalla Explains How Women Can Make It in The Business World

Gender equality has always been a point of contention for quite a long time now because only a handful of women are found in prestigious jobs as compared to men. According to statistics, companies which support gender diversity are more likely to outperform companies that do not promote or embrace gender equality.

In a platform that is controlled by men, it has become difficult to find a high number of women holding the most prestigious positions in a company. However, this has drastically changed as more women have figured out a way to make it to the top thanks to the contributions of other women in leadership.

Though some women have found it hard to find their way in high-level positions within their business premises, other women such as Susan McGalla have paved the way for their female counterparts. Susan has been at the forefront in encouraging women to take up challenging roles in their respective organizations. However, she admits that women leadership initiatives are not always the answer. She attributes this to the fact that though these initiatives have worked over the years to make a change, the bitter truth is the fact that they have been not able to address the underlying issues that are making it hard for changes to occur.

On her part, Susan encourages women to create sponsorship opportunities that can be used to address gender discrimination in the workplace. According to Susan, women should be in a position to find sponsors who will be able to help them create opportunities and provide an incentive to motivate them to invest in themselves.

Susan is a renowned businesswoman and an executive consultant known for her role as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Susan began her career as a manager and marketer for the St. Joseph Horne Company. She joined American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 as a division merchandise buyer. Throughout the years, Susan worked her way up the ladder and ended up holding the CMO and president positions for the company up until the year 2009 when she left.

Susan holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College. Currently, Susan holds the position of the vice president of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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