Stephen Murray was an influential businessman who left a powerful impact upon CCMP Capital. He was born in 1962 and passed away in March of 2015, but he is remembered as a man who cared about other people and his family. Stephen was the CEO of CCMP Capital for many years before his passing. He left the company unexpectedly citing health reasons. The cause of Stephen’s death has not been officially reported, but he is missed by the company he worked at for over 20 years.

Stephen was a key figure in the development of CCMP Capital, but he left his mark on other companies during his career. Stephen worked at Chase Capital Partners which was then purchased by JP Morgan. The new company was then named JP Morgan Partners. This company was very successful, and Stephen played a key role. In 2006, JP Morgan Partners was spun-off the main corporation and was renamed as CCMP with Stephen as its leader.

Stephen served on the board of directors for many organizations such as Jetro JMDH Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group and others. His expertise was so respected in the industry that many companies sought him out.

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Stephen’s career at JP Morgan began in 1989. Even at a young age, he was highly trusted. Stephen Murray was given the responsibility of creating the structure for a private-equity business. The company that Stephen structured went on to acquire Aramark and other large corporations.

Stephen’s former colleagues were saddened to hear of his passing. When asked about Stephen, Greg Brenneman, CCMP’s current executive, offered heartfelt condolences to Stephen’s family. He knew Stephen to be a man of pride and greatness who valued his family immensely. Stephen Murray was a deal maker who was crucial to the success of CCMP. The entire CCMP team is grateful for everything he accomplished for them while he was alive.

Stephen was born in Brooklyn, and he remained there the majority of his life. He went to Sleep Hollow High School then on to Boston College. He chose to study economics which would be a boon for him at CCMP. Stephen was hungry for education. After years in the workforce, he returned to school and earned his masters in Business Administration from Columbia in New York. Stephen then began his rise to the top of CCMP. He did an excellent job and serves as an inspiration to those who follow after him.

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