While throwing your summer parties, don’t forget to include delicious appetizers. There are several kinds of appetizers you can create, ranging from crab bites to chips and salsa. Make sure you have a variety of dishes for guests to choose from, creating something new along the way that is light and refreshing while still filling.

Skewers are among the easiest to make for a summer party. A lighter combination would be small pieces of chicken and pineapple. Baste the sticks in BBQ sauce while they are on the grill to give a smoky flavor to the chicken and fruit. BBQ sauce on the chicken will caramelize while on the grill. Another idea is the slider. You can make these with beef or turkey. Simply form the meat into small patties, grilling them for a shorter time because they are so small. Add your favorite toppings and cheese to the sliders before serving. These are an ideal treat for children since they are a smaller size. Tomatoes seem to reproduce rather often in the summer. Cut different colors of tomatoes to create a salad that is refreshing for guests. Add croutons and cheese crisps for texture and a light dressing of vinegar and honey for a bit of acidity and sweetness. Cucumber slices are also a good addition to this summer side dish, or you can add a bit crab for a meal.

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