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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Leader in the Brazilian Legal Sector

When kids are growing up, a lawyer is one of the top professions they mention of wanting to become. They play a significant role in the economy today. Lawyers assume the important role of forming and reforming laws in a country. They make the list of top earners in the society today and therefore admired by the society.


Brazil currently has over 620,000 lawyers with over a third operating in Sao Paulo and over a sixth practicing in Rio de Janeiro. To practice law in Brazil, a student has to go through five years of school and afterward he or she has to pass the bar examinations known as Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil.


The Brazilian Constitution, which serves as the Brazilian supreme law has been in use since 1988. However, its civil law is mainly derived from the Portuguese, French, German and Italian civil laws. Immediately you land in Brazil and finding a lawyer becomes a priority, you can easily find one on the internet. However, you should ask basic questions like, how long they have been practicing law as well as their cost and billing methods.


If you’re looking for an elite law firm in Brazil, you should try Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. It has represented some of the biggest personalities in Brazil.


About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho


Mr. Tosto is one of the most decorated leaders and strategists in the Brazilian legal practice. His career started in a small law office that went on to become the most qualified corporate litigation law firm in the area. He then established his firm, which soon grew to become one of the largest law firms in Brazil.


During his long industrious career, he has defended many public personalities and companies on the national scale. He has provided legal counsel for large Brazilian corporations and multinationals, the Brazilian government, and politicians of different ideological views.


Mr. Tosto is one of the pioneers in the adoption of several high-profile legal mechanisms that have become conventionally used around the Brazilian community of law. He guided his current partners, who started out as interns in the firm. Mr. Tosto’s duties include overseeing the firm’s most important cases, providing innovative strategies for the firm and providing leadership in the firm.

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