Doe Deere: The Woman Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere was born in Russia and came to the United States when she was 17. When she was younger she wanted to be a musicican so she moved to New York and did just that. Being a musician help Doe to learn about marketing and to appreciate people when they came to her events. Doe was always a little bit entrepreneurial, when she was 13 she had her own little business selling temporary tattoos. Doe met her husband by working with him in the band which helped them to learn to work together very well with eachother. Learn more:

Doe started experimenting with makeup after seeing theatrical brands such as Ben Nye and would post the videos online. She had fun experimenting with different things and because of that her following online shot up overnight because people wanted to see what kind of new things she was going to try next.

Back in 2008 it was hard to find very bright and unusual lipstick colors so Doe created her own thus inventing Lime Crime. The name Lime Crime came from one of her favorite colors bright green and crime because it rhymed with lime. Doe first started selling her lip colors on ebay and needed a name for her store, she does say that if she had known her company would be as successful as it is, she probably would have chosen a different name.

She was shocked to see how many girls were actually interested in the different colors. Doe wanted girls to be able to wear bright colors and not feel out of place for steering away from the normal nude lip colors. Doe has a background in fashion, she went to FIT in New York. She always thought that what we put on our bodies express who we are as a person. Today Lime Crime stands for color revolution, breaking the rules and not being afraid to wear a color outside of the norm.

Lime Crime helped to encourage people to wear bright colors on their lips and help other companies branch out because they realize not everyone wants to wear a nude lip everyday. Because of her innovative lip colors Doe was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Learn more:


Avaaz Makes It Possible For Anyone To Help Change The World

The impressive thing about Avaaz is not that it has developed into the world’s largest online social activist network – it’s the undeniable fact that Avaaz is getting solid, measurable results in the real world and creating change that is making the world a better place.

What exactly is Avaaz? It was founded in 2007 through a partnership of several groups and individuals. The principal founders were Res Publica and, two organizations that already had impressive track records for developing positive social change and performing life-giving projects on the ground. Another founder was the Service Employees International Union.

As indicated, Avaaz operates on a robust Internet platform that makes it easy for any person in any country in the world to quickly get involved in making positive changes to local communities. Some people are deeply concerned about climate change, for example. Other want to do something to alleviate poverty. Others are fighting political oppression or perhaps want take direct action to bring aid and comfort to refugees fleeing war torn locations.

No matter what the cause, Avaaz serves as a central point of action that’s just a few clicks away on a keyboard. Avaaz is deeply committed to a grassroots model – it raises millions of dollars every year, but only by accepting small donations from hundreds of thousands of people. It takes no donation larger than $5,000 – this makes it impossible for Avaaz to be co-opted by wealthy special interests and greedy giant corporations.

The name Avaaz is highly significant. It basically means “voice” as influenced by a variety of languages. That’s what Avvaz does: It provides a voice to millions of people around the world and lets them know that anyone and everyone can pitch in, help and truly do something real to make the world a better place.

Advanced entertainment-Norman Pittz

Subscribers of Podcastone Networks can now enjoy audio programs in a new way. The giant entertainment organization Podcastone has launched new software. The app which the firm has made available for free on Play Stores, their website, as well as Google Play, will enable the listeners to watch videos on a 360-degree as they enjoy other interactive functions among them communicating with the hosts as they also send text to their fellow listeners. Podcastone members will now have an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of programs as well as videos ( The subscribers will not only have to enjoy the videos but they will also have a chance to get photographs which are not found on the internet, and they will also be able to answer survey questions.

Podcastone new mobile software is not only an entertainment software but the members also have an opportunity to earn points which will assist them to get discounts on services and products, watch other special materials and programs. Podcastone has had their clients at heart and has always wanted to deliver quality services. In this case, Podcastone has partnered with Mandt VR to create the best of 360-degree as well as virtual reality videos. Ever since their partnership, the two firms have designed over 1000 videos and the two organizations are committed to creating more videos every week. Some of the videos created include; Laila Ali Lifestyle, Adam &Drew, Geffen Playhouse Unscripted, Forbes Under 30, Mohr Stories, Art of Charm, Dr. Drew, Reasonable Doubt as well as Adam Carolla Show. Podcastone Virtual reality 360-degree videos do not only offer their members an opportunity to view videos recorded in studios but also to watch the programs in a new way. Neil Mandt is the c0-founder of Mandt VR a firm which was founded in 2015. He said that he is impressed with the efforts that Podcast is making to change the entertainment industry.

Norman Pittz is the father of the entertainment and the media industry. The American entrepreneur is so passionate about the two industries. Mr. Pittz is not only the founder of Podcastone but he has also founded several other entertainment networks is among them; Westwood One Radio Network. The Radio network was the distributor of sports, traffic updates, news, as well as talk shows. Mr. Pittz dis not only found the two successful entertainment groups but he is also the establisher of Courtside Entertainment Group. Pittz is a recognized leader who has been elected and reelected to Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors. Norman served on the board during President’s Bush tenure as well as former President Bill Clinton. Learn more:


SahmAdrangi: Investing for Wealth

The world of trading is not for everyone. It is only reserved for those who have the guts to take the risk, and one of these people who have faced all the risks in investing is SahmAdrangi. SahmAdrangi is an American entrepreneur, businessman and trader who currently works as a chief investment officer in a financial firm which he owns, called the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He recently made it to the front page and headlines of major publications across the country because of a bold decision that he just made – buying stocks from a public company that has not been revealed. Reports are coming in that SahmAdrangi managed to raise an amount equal to $100 million from various sources, and his closest investors have placed trust in his decision and gave him the money that he needs. Experts were surprised, because this will be the first time that someone from a financial firm would risk the money to buy stocks from a company that is still unknown.

They are speculating that even if the move is risky, SahmAdrangi would still benefit from it. They also stated that his company, Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, would also benefit from the move. SahmAdrangi does not want to entertain any negativities, and firmly believes that he made a right decision. SahmAdrangi is known for making risks, especially in investing. He made a name because of his unique style, and so many investors are seeking his help for them to succeed in the world of trading. SahmAdrangi keeps on helping those who are asking for his help, turning their lives over and bringing them back on track. SahmAdrangi has helped plenty of people who were initially struggling with the world of trading, and these people are very thankful that someone like him have shared his knowledge to others so that they can learn too.SahmAdrangi founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009, right after he quit his last job. He believes that by building his own financial firm, he will be able to succeed, and he would also be able to share his knowledge to everyone.


Omar Yunes Entrepreneurship

Omar Yunes is a recognized Mexican investor and entrepreneur, and the award-winning owner of the franchisee sushi Itto. This is a massive and successful chain of elegant Japanese restaurants with a high presence throughout Latin America and Mexico hosting the highest number of restaurants. Mr. Omar Yunes began his business venture at a tender age of 21 years old, and he currently owns many more than 13 franchise units of Japanese sushi Itto restaurants in Mexico, Veracruz and Puebla, and he has employed more than 400 people in his business.

Mr. Omar Yunes believes than for an individual to succeed as a franchisee, he or she must possess great managerial skills by assuming that challenges will always be there and therefore being able to choose a solid brand. He understands that success comes from choosing a supportive franchisor that has an inner understanding of how the market operates and the technicalities of franchise management and more information click here.

Omar Yunes was able to win the title of the best franchise in the world in 2015; an awarded given annually in Florence, Italy, that recognizes entrepreneurs and affiliates that showcase professionalism and enthusiasm to the value and mission of their brand. The 2015 award involved representatives from 34 countries, and they were being evaluated on their impact and influence on their own businesses including implementation of strategies and overcoming of challenges. Omar Yunes was chosen as the best person who demonstrated what the ward stands for and what Omar Yunes knows.

By obtaining this coveted award, Omar Yunes was recognized nationally and worldwide as an important game charger in the franchisor-franchisee cooperation for achieving control implementation and improvements in communication that enabled business relationship under his management. Benjamin Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO , also reiterated that franchisor world considers these wards very important as they are a manifestation of joint efforts to make sure clients are offered the best service, unparalleled hospitality, and exceptional taste.

Mr. Omar Yunes has set the path and an example of upcoming entrepreneurs in Mexico and the entire world. He has clearly demonstrated that franchise business is possible despite the many demographic and managerial challenges that face the sector and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

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Learning from Susan McGalla’s Progress

Susan McGalla is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs at her age. Why? Here is her story.

Susan McGalla is the founder of American Eagle Outfitters Inc, and was previously the CEO of Wet Seal Inc., another influential company.

Her career began at Joseph Horne Company, where she learned a lot about marketing, propaganda, advertisement strategies, and lots of tips and tricks that made her an excellent business administrator.

Her role in the American Eagle Outfitters came along right after that position, and she began as a divisional merchandise buyer, specifically for female clothing. Susan McGalla started using her previous knowledge of administration and marketing to climb from one position to another, until she finally reached the role of the chief merchandising officer of the enterprise. It was then, that Susan McGalla was also rewarded with the position of President of the corporation.

McGalla would still lead the company to great circumstances under the new leadership, and McGalla even participated on the release of the 77kids brand. She would, however, leave her Presidential position, later on, to pursue another career path that would give her more experience and teach her more about different industries.

In January of 2009, she left the company to become a private financial consultant, but she would later, at the end of 2009, enter the Board of Directors of HFF Inc., a position that she still holds today.

Her career started skyrocketing when she acquired her position as the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc. At that time, Susan McGalla discovered her pregnancy, and that would mean that she wouldn’t be able to remain in both jobs at the same time, but she was still learning from both positions until she eventually left the role of CEO of Wet Seal Inc.

Nowadays, Susan McGalla still holds two administration jobs: She remains on the Board of Directors of HFF Inc., and is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for another enterprise, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla is an inspiration to many women in the world, as she has jumped from one high position to the next, acquiring precious knowledge and improving the business model of each company that she’s been to.

She is currently the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, and she has useful capabilities both in the financial market, as an administrator and in the marketing industry. All of these assets made Susan McGalla a unique addition to the companies she’s been to.


Market America Shop

Market America Shop is what they call an unfranchise business. It is a site you can go to, to start a at home business, with perks of not being a franchise. For instance, unlike a franchise there are no monthly fees, no monthly royalties, and their start fee is pretty affordable.

When you start out, you pay 129.00 for basically a business plan and a web page for your business. Either you or your customers purchase all product through them. In order to stay active, there is a minimum purchase for every 3 month period. They claim that there plan is all but guaranteed success.

I have read over quite a few articles claiming they were a scam. Others claim the exact opposite, and claim it is all about the effort you are willing to put toward your business.

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The Work of Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 and continues to be based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm provides financial solutions for both businesses and individuals. They help enable the liquidity of assets via a secure and transparent process. EFH is respected worldwide as one of the most efficient financial solutions groups that you will find anywhere. Although based in the U.S., EFH has offices all over the world, in London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Its Australian subsidiary, Equities First Holding Australia, is doing incredibly well. Last year it announced that it was about to partner with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited for a particularly ambitious series of projects in India. EFH Australia’s part in the partnership is primarily financial. The firm will be funding the construction of a $30 million research and development center.


Supporting the course of human rights


Several organizations have come out openly to support the cause of human rights. These organizations have safely used their resources to champion for the courses in which they believe. In the fight, some of the organizations have been compromised, but others have stood true to their course.

The dedication to serving the common people motivates their courses. Several of these organizations have made positive steps towards making the world a better place. Some of the best organizations in the fight for human rights are discussed below.

The Human Rights Watch

The human rights watch is one of the unique organizations on the planet. The organization takes up a case and does its investigations. When going to the courts or reporting the matter to the authorities, the organization carries all the evidence of the case. Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin: and

The operation principles of the human rights watch are equally unique. Before taking a matter the authorities, the organization first exposes the acts of human rights violations to the public. The group the challenges the government to take action against the people who have been found guilty of such violations

Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a rarely known prestigious human rights organization that is dedicated to changing the state of the world, one step at a time. The organization does not depend on the worldwide acceptance. Its methods of fighting for human rights are unique and stable. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The Simon Wiesenthal Center does not expose any selfish acts; it relies on the intellect of the people to help in restoring the dignity of the society. The human rights group is also dedicated to the helping the Jews worldwide and protecting their rights internationally.

The Human Rights without Frontiers

The Human Rights without Frontiers has a particular role in researching, understanding and analyzing different cases presented in the human rights acts. Principles of the human rights are the same worldwide. When presenting the cases, the organization takes into consideration the beauty of the rule of law and the need to uphold democracy in a system.

The contribution of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey contributed $3.75 million to the course of fighting for human rights. The donation was out of the experience as they felt the pain of undergoing human rights violation.

Because of this motivation, Lacey and Larkin created a way in which the oppressed can find freedom. Their contributions opened a channel to other influential people with honest intentions in fighting for the human rights.

Is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Trying To Achieve Monopoly Status With Bradesco?

Throughout the course of its tumultuous history, Latin America has had a love-hate relationship with a large number of corporate monopolies. In a region that has long suffered from unstable governments and widespread poverty, a number of companies, which anyone would have to admit are textbook, hard monopolies, have brought both stability and modernity to locales that had neither. At the same time, corporate interests have been fingered in coups and society-wide oppression from the Noriega regime to that of Anastasio Somoza and Augusto Pinochet.

No matter what one thinks of the Latin American monopoly, there is not doubt that it has played a central role in the development and industrialization of the region. Names such as International Telephone and Telegraph, The United Fruit Company and Telmex evoke strong emotions, both positive and negative, to residents across much of Latin America. The truth is that, for a variety of historical and anthropological reasons, the monopoly has proven more relevant, beneficial and enduring in Latin America than it has in more developed countries. And the stakes for those who can play the game of Latin American Monopoly are astonishingly high.


The Rise of Bradesco

Recent, widespread consolidation in the Brazilian banking industry has led many experts to warn that the sector is ripe for the appearance of a hard monopoly. The industry is dominated by two major banks – Itau Unibanco and Bradesco. The latter has been one of the most stunning examples of growth out of seemingly nothing that Brazil has ever seen. Amounting to little more than a small local bank, as late as 1970, today, Bradesco is one of the largest financial companies in Latin America.

Its inveterate CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, is largely responsible for the bank’s tremendous growth. Since joining the firm in 1969, Trabuco Cappi has done more than, perhaps, any employee in the firm’s history to transform it into a global powerhouse.

The company’s most spectacular growth came throughout the decade of the 2000s, when the stock price increased by more than 100-fold and the firm rapidly expanded its assets and its client base. This eventually resulted in Bradesco briefly snatching the number-one spot in the Brazilian banking industry. But its time as king of the hill was short lived. In 2009, shortly after Trabuco Cappi ascended to CEO, rival banks Itau and Unibanco merged, forming the largest banking conglomerate in the country and pushing Bradesco back to a distant second place.

By this point, so concentrated was the Brazilian banking industry that the third place bank was just a fraction of the size of either Bradesco or Itau Unibanco. This created an environment of intense competition, with both firms vying for the potential prize of holding a virtual banking monopoly over the country.

For the next six years, Itau Unibanco strengthened its position as Bradesco fell into decline. By 2014, Bradesco’s stock price had plummeted to less than 50 percent of its 2009 highs, marking a low point in the career of CEO Trabuco Cappi.

But then an opportunity knocked on Trabuco Cappi’s door. HSBC Brazil had long been losing money. It’s parent company was looking to offload all of its Brazilian assets. It figured that it could no longer profitably compete in such as cutthroat industry as Brazilian banking.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to put together a deal, whereby Bradesco would acquire all of HSBC Brazil’s assets for $5.2 billion in cash. The deal marked the largest transaction in Brazilian business history and instantly rocketed Bradesco back to the number-one spot across many important measures. The firm was now back in the running to crush all of its opposition.

Today, Bradesco’s stock has recovered to all-time highs. Although Trabuco Cappi is coy about his intentions to continue growing the firm into an unchallengeable foe, observers say that his actions speak louder than any lack of words. If he can pull it off, Bradesco may become one of the most profitable banks in the world.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here.