Fresh Spring Food Ideas

With spring in full swing, many gardeners are seeing the first shoots pop up in their tilled beds. Shoppers are seeing the first farmers’ markets open up. Soon, things like asparagus, new lettuce, and fresh strawberries will start making their appearances in the specials at smart restaurants. If you want to make your guests or your family both happy and healthy, there are some great choices out there for you to make this time of year.


One of the best parts of spring and summer is the quality and wide variety of fresh vegetables easily available to home gardeners and frequenters of farmers’ markets alike. It makes healthy food choices easy when everything is at its height of ripeness. Few things are as good at a newly snapped asparagus sprig or a ripe, red tomato pulled directly from the vine.


For those interested in starting gardens, now it the time to plan your space. Many gardeners have early things out already, like lettuce, spinach, and radishes. Tomatoes and peppers still have a few weeks if you buy them already sprouted, but if you planned on starting your own from seeds, you may be running out of time. The hard work of a home garden often pays off if you are the type of person who really appreciates perfect vegetables.


One of those folks is celebrity chef, Ina Garten. She is well known for her high-caliber home cooking, especially in home entertaining. She also has a bit of a green thumb in the garden. She has a new recipe out for a Spring Green Risotto that looks fantastic, while really incorporating as much of the freshness of spring as possible into the dish. The asparagus in the recipe is really perfect this time of year, especially if you are among those lucky enough to have your own perennial patch out back.


With so much available to chefs this time of year and for the next few months, it is simple to find ways to incorporate these things into your diet. The variety is wide and will expand and change as we roll into summer. If you pick things at their height of season, you will always have a great product. Great products are the keys to great dishes and good eating.

The Mutual Profitability Of Renown Health Group And The Communities They Serve

According to the publication Northern Nevada Business Weekly (NNBW), Renown Health has gone upscale with the uniquely designed 10,000-square-foot family practice medical facility at The Summit located in the Truckee Meadows area of south Reno, Nevada. Patients have availed an eleven member staff of healthcare professionals providing primary care services and its’ onsite laboratory. Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design created an atmosphere reflective of the welcoming comforts of home for patients who visit this Renown Health location. Dr. McCormack, the Medical Director for Renown Health Group stated, “When patients come in, we wanted it to look and feel like their very own living rooms.”

Dr. McCormack stated, “Renown Health is keenly aware that the growth in population, improvements in the economy and greater access to health insurance creates a need for an increased number of healthcare facilities, particularly in the South Meadows area. Consideration for future expansion of facilities, services offered, and functionality has been discussed, but due to industry uncertainties related to the potential impact of the proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act by the Trump administration, plans for such changes are on hold for now.”

Renown Health is the only locally governed, not-for-profit healthcare network in Reno, Nevada. It currently has 12 primary care facilities throughout Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, and the Caughlin Ranch area. It is comprised of an entire network of Reno hospitals, urgent care centers, lab services, x-ray and imaging services, primary care doctors and dozens of medical specialties. All profit earnings of Renown Health are re-invested into meeting the needs of patients and the local communities they serve. They contribute to more than 80 local non-profit organizations annually.

Renown Health Group doesn’t just give back to the community but includes the local citizenry as an integral part of their decision-making bodies. Currently, over 140 community members actively participate on boards or advisory committees throughout their 17-county service region to deliver quality care.

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Can The Mediterranean Diet And Statins Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease?

A New York Times reader inquired if switching over to a Mediterranean diet would be more effective in fighting against cardiovascular disease such as heart disease than taking statins. New York Times reporter Sophie Chan did some research on this subject. Here is what she managed to find out after doing research and asking a medical expert.


Sophie Chan reported that both the Mediterranean diet and taking statins can be effective in combating the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart disease and stroke. One study done in 2013 found that switching to a Mediterranean diet can help cut the risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 30% in individuals at a high risk for developing such diseases. A study conducted in 2009 found the people who are at a high risk for heart disease had their risk of developing such diseases cut by up to 44% when they started statin therapy.


Both the Mediterranean diet and statin therapy can help you reduce the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. The best choice says is perhaps to utilize both. For those not familiar with the Mediterranean diet here is a quick explanation. It involves using olive oil for cooking and salad dressings, eating plenty of fish, drinking red wine with meals and consuming a significant amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nuts and poultry are also a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Red meat, sweets, dairy products and processed foods are consumed in small quantities if at all.


Dr. Meir Stampfer of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health recommends people first try the Mediterranean diet. He says in not only helps fight heart disease, but also helps fight against cancer, diabetes and cognitive decline. His view is that you don’t have to choose between statins and a diet. He suggests that you try a diet such as the Mediterranean one, and if you still have not seen a reduction in your cholesterol levels or heart disease risks, then you should go add statins as well. They can work in syngergy or together to help cut the risk of developing serious diseases.


Dr. Stampfer does warn those on statin therapy that just because they take these drugs, does mean that they are off the hook. Proper diet and exercise is still important. In fact, Dr. Stampfer says that constant exercise and a healthy diet is the best thing you can do to prevent heart disease and strokes from developing.


The Impressive Entrepreneurial Journey of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is the actual definition of a successful entrepreneur. In his twenties, he was already a multi-millionaire. Those who know Greg define him as a maverick, international speaker, philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He’s the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation and owner of Capital Index as a well as SmartCharts Software.


Over the years, Mr. Secker has created multiple successful businesses. He owns and runs one the most successful trader coaching firms in England. Greg’s passion for business has played a significant role in his success. Additionally, he’s a man that likes to share his knowledge and empower other entrepreneurs.


When Greg Secker began his career, he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He served at the company for some time and left to join Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), an online Forex trading company. VTD allows users to get real-time rates for various foreign exchange transactions. At the Age of 25, Mr. Secker was the VP of Mellon Financial Corporation.


He worked with some of the world’s best trader. This is where Greg learned more about forex markets. He used the strategies he learned from Mellon Financial Corporation to grow his personal trading account. Greg made a fortune trading and decided to retire from his position as the firm’s VP –at the age of 27. He decided to set up Knowledge to Action after his retirement.


Greg is an excellent speaker. He’s often invited by various media companies to give his opinion on the financial market. Also, he’s invited to speak at international conferences. Greg has spoken alongside famous people such as Anthony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Tony Blair, Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”


Mr. Secker is always looking for ways to give back to society. He has offered several donations to different charitable organizations, which include the Child Bereavement Trust. Greg established the Knowledge to Action Foundation in 2011. The organization focuses on improving the lives of children across the globe. The Knowledge to Action Foundation also enables young people to develop essential life skills. Greg Secker is also part of the Ubuntu ECD Program, Flying Trader Project, Youth Mentoring Program and Christmas Basket Brigade.

Sweet Potato Treats

The common sweet potato and its uses in cooking have evolved a long way from Grandma’s candied yams with marshmallows on top. While there’s nothing wrong with that recipe if it is something you enjoy, there is a whole new world of sweet potato dishes out there, as well as some fantastic new uses.


Filled with fiber, the sweet potato has been hailed as one of the best vegetable foods to incorporate into your diet as much as possible. It is low in refined starches and sugars, while being high in carotene and other flavinoid antioxidants. It also has a magic ability to float back and forth as an ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. The sweet potato can be a part of a hearty meal as often as it can make its way into desserts.


One great, simple use for this awesome tuber is mashed sweet potatoes. They go great with pork and chicken, or can be an awesome lunch all by themselves. Simply bake your sweet potatoes in a 350 degree oven until they are soft and smell nice and caramelized. The peel usually comes of quite easily at this point, but you can also put your baked sweet potatoes in a paper bag and shake them up. This will help remove some of the peel if it is still too hot for your fingers.


Then mash the peeled potatoes in a bowl, mixing in any combination of the following ingredients to your taste: butter, brown sugar, molasses, honey, maple syrup, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and a dash of salt. You can use all of them, or only a few, and make sure to taste as you mash so you know where you are in flavor. Top it off with a dollop of Greek yogurt.


Another neat idea is to replace the bread in your bruschetta type dishes with sweet potato. They show six cool applications of this idea in the linked article, but the possibilities are probably endless for both savory and sweet appetizers, with just a bit more excitement and fiber than using plain white bread.


The sweet potato is a humble vegetable, but with a little creativity, you can make this healthy ingredient really sing in your dishes.


Starbucks Features Happy Hour and Evaluates Future of Teavana Stores

Starbucks is introducing a Happy Hour promotion that features its new creation called The Unicorn Frappuccino. This new promotion will last from May 5 to the 14. During the promotion all Frappuccinos drinks are sold for half price encouraging customers to buy and try any flavor they choose. The Happy Hour takes place from 3- 6 p.m. Its a time when many people get out of work and go to Starbucks to relax and unwind.


Another flavor served is Midnight Mocha Mint. Promotions are hectic and the staff has to prepare themselves for the promotions. Staff make the job look simple but it requires being fast and cool under pressure. Some locations only have indoor service and others a drive through window. Customers are often coming in at a fast pace.


This drinks are complicated to make and when you have a promotion and staff has to keep cool under pressure. Frappuccinos are custom made and each customers can choose from a variety of different type of milk and syrups to make them. They have extended the hours for this promotion to make these promotions more successful.


Starbucks currently has 350 Teavana stores located in malls across the US. Due to the fact that traffic in malls has slowed they are deciding what to do with these stores. Many consumers have shifted from shopping at brick and mortar stores and to shopping online on the Internet. Declines in Starbucks Teavana stores in sales has been high over the last few month and they expect further decline.


Online shopping and mobile shopping has reduced traffic in their stores and many retailers located in the malls have felt the pinch. They have plans to review the problem and try to make some changes to improve the performance of the stores. The company has closed a few stores and will continue to evaluate this struggling chain.


Some of the stores are successful and they continue to offer new product to attract customers. It is working on mobile payment system and ordering for these stores. This increased orders by 20 percent in many of the stores.


The Simplest Food Hack May Be To Eat Nothing

It turns out that in a long line of “food hacks” and healthy eating tips related to exercise, the greatest tip may be the simplest of all.


A small study was done to test a scientific theory that has been used by athletes and trainers for years. The scientists at the University of Bath took ten overweight, but healthy, low exercise performing men and split them into two separate groups. First, the researchers took baseline blood and fat tissue samples, resting metabolic rates and found out how the men performed at baseline exercise readings.


Secondly, the men were to visit the lab on two separate occasions. First they were given no edible substance before exercising and had performed a fast the night before so that meant they were exercising with an empty stomach. On the next visit, the men were given a complete breakfast two hours before exercise was to begin. On both occasions, the men performed the same exercise, an hour of moderate treadmill walking, both times.


To make sure the results were consistent, blood and fat tissue samples were taken right before exercise and an hour after exerted had concluded. The result? When the men exercised before eating, their sugar levels were at a much lower rate, so they burned more fat exercising with an empty stomach. On the reverse, the men burned more calories on a full stomach than an empty stomach.


On a deeper, cellular level, when the men exercised with empty stomachs, the hormones that regulate metabolism and sugar versus insulin levels were much more active leading the scientists to the results that in order to lose weight and burn fat it is better to exercise on an empty stomach.


This practice has been in effect for many years as athletes and trainers have experimented for years with “meal timing”, the process of strategically planning meals in order to achieve a more fuel efficient fat burning body. Now with this initial study performed it appears that the athletes are onto something.


So the next time you want to eat before your morning work out, skip it and eat later. Your body will thank you for it.


Renown Health Opens New Clinic in Local Mall

Renown Health will be opening a new facility or clinic located at the Summit Mall in South Reno this fall. This new clinic will offer patients primary care services and has a lab to process tests when needed.

They want to provide a more comfortable setting for patients when they come into the office. Dr. McCormick says they designed the office to look like a home’s living room. It is supposed to look very comfortable. We have conference rooms to discuss patient cases. Changes will be made slowly to the clinic because of President Trumps proposed changes to healthcare.

This clinic currently has 11 members on staff. The architecture of the building was done by a firm called MBA Architects and Interior Designs. They used all local contractors to complete the new facility. The increased population in Northern Nevada provides a growing need for a new health care facility for local citizens. They have 12 clinics in this area.

Renown Health is a locally owned healthcare facility that has a network of labs, clinics, hospitals, primary care doctors and specialists. They provide local residents live with a wide array of services to help patients lead healthy lives. They have several labs that provide testing and appointments using mobile devices.

They have pediatric care for babies and children from birth to age 18. They provide services like vaccinations, physical exams, help with diabetes, allergies, asthma, colds, and other illness. They provide diagnostic imaging to help doctors make accurate diagnoses. These clinics provide tests for cancer and special treatments and programs for different types of cancer.

The Renown Network in Northern Nevada has pulmonary services for those patients that need treatment for their lungs. They treat patients with COPD, emphysema, asthma, and other conditions. Other specialties include heart, women health issues,and orthropedics. They offer families and individuals comprehensive health care

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The Confirmation by the U.S. Senate of Betsy DeVos as the 11th U.S. Secretary for Education is a Blessing to all American Children

The recent confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the 11th US secretary of education by the U.S. Senate could not have come at an opportune time for our children. I have keenly followed her involvement in the fight for equal, balanced and just education policies for over 30 years now, and all I can think of at this moment is the word, excellent. In this appointment, like all the other nominations to key departments, President Trump once more demonstrated a sense of patriotic commitment that goes far beyond selfish considerations.

Why am I saying this? It is in the public domain now that the DeVos family apart from championing worthy political causes have been passionately advocating for reforms targeting underserved and economically disadvantaged children have equal opportunity to access high-quality education. Madam DeVos became painfully aware of the imbalances in our school system when she was a student. She witnessed firsthand the injustices in the system, and she was inspired by the positive work the leaders in her hometown were doing to give parents choices in educating their children.

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That she served for more than 15 years as a mentor for vulnerable children in schools around Michigan (Grand Rapids) is something I find very praise-worthy. Not only that, but she has also spearheaded the movement to create new educational o ptions for all students in the District of Columbia and 25 other states. She has a strong background in educational issues. A graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, she has Bachelor of Arts degree, an accomplishment, which I believe, has served her well in her pursuit of farsighted educational goals. I am confident that as the education secretary, Madam DeVos will empower parents to have greater choices in the way their children are educated by returning education control to local governments, and states.

I am also deeply impressed by her humanitarian missions. It is no coincidence that her tireless work for nonprofits and charities is due to the fact she is married to Dick DeVos who is a famous community activist and philanthropist. Betsy DeVos is a recognized board member of various local and national civic and charitable organizations. Some of the charities she supports include; Kendall College of Art and Design, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Mars Hill Bible Church, ArtPrize, and Kids Hope USA. I applaud her commitment to finding innovative strategies to combat social ills and dilemmas. The amount of good work she does extend to include conservational efforts. The concern she has for environmental protection prompted her to establish the Windquest Group, a chain of companies dealing with manufacturing, technology, and development of clean energy. Importantly, she heads the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Comparing Red Cabbage To Bluberries In Terms Of Nutrition

One reader at the New York Times inquired about the nutritional content of red cabbage versus blueberries. The reader said that both red cabbage and blueberries seem to have the same color, which should suggest the presence of powerful nutrients and antioxidants. He also asked if red cabbage was superior overall because it is much cheaper and available year round. It is important to point out that red cabbage actually refers to purple colored cabbage as the cabbage is not actually red but purplish and similar in color somewhat to a blueberry.


Times reporter Roni Caryn Rabin inquired about the nutritional content of purple cabbage against that of blueberries to numerous experts. Here is what she found out. According to Amy Howell of the Amy Howell at the Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research at Rutgers University you will not get the same or equivalent quantity of antioxidants from red cabbage as you would from eating blueberries. The berries contain a significantly higher amount of antioxidants than purple cabbage, even if the cabbage is eaten raw based upon a study done by the United States Department of Agriculture. That being said, purple cabbage is still a highly nutrient dense and antioxidant rich food on its own that is extremely healthy to consume.


A closer look at the antioxidant compounds of red cabbage reveals that the cabbage has only one parent anthocyanidin. This parent anthocyanidin is what makes up the anthocyanins or plant pigment and antioxidants found in red cabbage. While red cabbage contains only one parent anthocyanidin, blueberries contain five anthocyanins and many other derivatives. According to Dr. Howell of Rutgers University, the greater number of different anthocyanins means that blueberries will have far more health benefits than red cabbage was has only one anthocyanidin that makes up the pigment and antioxidants.


Dr. Howell of the Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research continues by saying that blueberries eclipse red cabbage when it comes to nutritional value and antioxidants. Mary Ann Lila of North Carolina State University in Kannapolis says that the different varieties of anthocyanins is what gives bluberries their potent disease fighting and health boosting properties. Blueberries are said to be able improve memory, prevent chronic disease and help strengthen insulin sensitivity. Something that blueberries don’t have, that red cabbage does have is glucosinolates, which are bitter compounds believed to have anticancer properties.