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Osasco and Teresina Municipalities Adopt E-governe System to Provide Better, Effective, and Economical Healthcare Services

E-governe is a service provided by Brazil’s Instituto Curitiba de Informática – ICI, to municipalities and states to facilitate the provision of excellent services such as education and health to the public. E-Governe Health has simplified and enabled efficient management of the state and municipal secretariats. E-governe has also made the health services to be more economical. It achieves this by integrating the health sectors, all healthcare units as well as a powerful clinical and dental chart. Through this integration, the e-governe system can schedule appointments and organize professional schedules, eliminate service queues, and enhance the quality of services that is offered to the public.


The e-governe Saude system handles the distribution and stocks of drugs from the pharmacies, apply vaccines, and schedule specialized examinations and consultations. It also carries out ambulatory, hospital and bed control in addition to the central ambulance and managing financial resources. Governments that have employed this e-governe system have regionalized attendance, managed the flow of clients from other municipalities and between health units, efficiently handle the transfer of finances, and enjoy enhanced organization of the work processes.


E-governe in Osasco

Recently, the highly populated and developed municipality of Osasco located in Greater Sao Paulo joined Teresina municipality in adopting the e-governe Educacao school management system. This e-governe education system in Osasco will be implemented in all the one hundred and thirty-eight schools found in the city in addition to the Continuing Education Center and the Municipal Education Department headquarters.


Benefits of the e-government Education System

Osasco and other cities or municipalities that implement the e-government education system will be guaranteed of honest, unique, and secure information. The system also enables real-time issuance of the management reports as well as access through the internet. E-government education system provides and avails shared reports and thus eliminates or minimizes the need to redo the work. The system controls right of entry privileges depending on the level of security that is defined by the administrators of the system, and guarantees agility in opening and satisfying the requirements of the units.


In Teresina, the servers of the different organs of the municipality will take part in training that is aimed at accelerating the execution of e-governe system tools. To optimize e-government services, Teresinense Data Processing Company’s President, Miguel Oliveira, says that meetings with representatives from the Municipal Education Department, Municipal Health Foundation, and the Municipal Finance Department had been held already. The Mayor of Teresina, Silvio Menders, believes that it is necessary for the e-governe system to be fully functional in the Municipality. The mayor confirms that the e-governe system speeds up response to the demands of the ever-growing population, properly analyzes suggestions, identifies issues, and monitors all services that the municipality provides.


Implementation of the e-governe system in the education and health sectors is key in bettering these services. The public will enjoy high quality and economical services, and the functions at the municipality will run smoothly. It is, therefore, a commendable move by the municipalities of Osasco and Teresina to adopt this modern system, and other states should follow suit.





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