OneLogin Teams up with Envoy

The San Francisco based company, OneLogin, has revolutionized I.T usage in offices for close to a decade. Focusing on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) approach, the firm has helped many organizations increase productivity. Envoy customers can now have an integrated software solution that runs smoothly on multiple applications making the I.T staff’s job easier. This result was accomplished after Envoy teamed up with OneLogin to implement the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). Such progress will ensure better user provision and efficient flow of data.

With SCIM, Envoy customers will now have an accelerated application rollout and thereby maximizing productivity. Employee records like names, office location, and email will be synchronized from their OneLogin directory making application usage more efficient. With up to date employee records, it will be easier to manage visitor arrivals and reduce visitor headache of browsing through lots of data looking for their host, as was the case in the past. Employees expect all data to be updated as they work across various departments in the organization and a well-organized and manageable system will ensure teamwork is as productive as it ought to be.

Security is a key factor in any system today. OneLogin provides that user onboarding and offboarding is as efficient as it is secure. SCIM synchronizes all employee data to the Envoy directory, all changes made to any data will be sent immediately to Envoy ensuring that only Envoy employees can register outsiders as a visitor. Such tremendous progress in technology is what sets OneLogin apart in the industry.

OneLogin aims to give its customers the best one user sign in application experience that is both secure and productive. End user efficiency can prove to be hectic for I.T departments with large companies. The IAM system provides a manageable, secure and efficient solution to its clients. Only signing in with an iPad makes host notification easier and efficient. Many tech-forward companies across the United States are adopting OneLogin’s software to ensure smooth and secure office management. Use of cloud technology, the hectic log books are now outdated. All visitor info including name, badge and photo are automated and well-organized making administration and security easier.


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