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Omar Yunes Entrepreneurship

Omar Yunes is a recognized Mexican investor and entrepreneur, and the award-winning owner of the franchisee sushi Itto. This is a massive and successful chain of elegant Japanese restaurants with a high presence throughout Latin America and Mexico hosting the highest number of restaurants. Mr. Omar Yunes began his business venture at a tender age of 21 years old, and he currently owns many more than 13 franchise units of Japanese sushi Itto restaurants in Mexico, Veracruz and Puebla, and he has employed more than 400 people in his business.

Mr. Omar Yunes believes than for an individual to succeed as a franchisee, he or she must possess great managerial skills by assuming that challenges will always be there and therefore being able to choose a solid brand. He understands that success comes from choosing a supportive franchisor that has an inner understanding of how the market operates and the technicalities of franchise management and more information click here.

Omar Yunes was able to win the title of the best franchise in the world in 2015; an awarded given annually in Florence, Italy, that recognizes entrepreneurs and affiliates that showcase professionalism and enthusiasm to the value and mission of their brand. The 2015 award involved representatives from 34 countries, and they were being evaluated on their impact and influence on their own businesses including implementation of strategies and overcoming of challenges. Omar Yunes was chosen as the best person who demonstrated what the ward stands for and what Omar Yunes knows.

By obtaining this coveted award, Omar Yunes was recognized nationally and worldwide as an important game charger in the franchisor-franchisee cooperation for achieving control implementation and improvements in communication that enabled business relationship under his management. Benjamin Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO , also reiterated that franchisor world considers these wards very important as they are a manifestation of joint efforts to make sure clients are offered the best service, unparalleled hospitality, and exceptional taste.

Mr. Omar Yunes has set the path and an example of upcoming entrepreneurs in Mexico and the entire world. He has clearly demonstrated that franchise business is possible despite the many demographic and managerial challenges that face the sector and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

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