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Most people will find themselves in a situation several times in their life that requires legal representation. Whether this is for a criminal, civil, or planning issue, having access to quality legal representation is very important. Unfortunately, most people do not have immediate access to a lawyer when they need it and there does not seem to be a system established to help people find a lawyer. While finding a lawyer used to be a challenge, those that are in the New York area can now take advantage of a system that provides people with all the information they need about local attorneys.


In the past few months, the New York State Bar Association released a new database that helps consumers find lawyers when they need it. The new system, which is called the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, allows a consumer to find a lawyer that is in their area. The database is available online and can be accessed 24 hours per day.


When looking to obtain a lawyer and using the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, a consumer can search for an attorney using a range of different factors. The consumer will be able to input information including their location, the type of attorney that they need, a budget, and filter for a rating system. Once all of this information is inputted into the system, a consumer will be given a list of lawyers that meet their preferences. They can then use the database to obtain the contact information of the attorney to start the process of hiring one.


Another benefit of using the Lawyer Referral and Information Service is that it can help a consumer save a lot of money. Lawyers that are engaged through this service are required to provide a very affordable legal consultation, with a cap of just $35. After this, the attorney is able to charge their standard rates, but the consumer is under no obligation to engage the attorney further. An added benefit of this is that all information that is submitted to the attorney, or through the database, will be kept highly confidential and cannot be shared in any way.


If you are in need of a lawyer, a great option to consider is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, which is one of the leading boutique law firms in New York City. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates focuses on providing major corporations with advisement for compensation committees, which ultimately are involved in deciding compensation for CEOs and senior executives of other major organizations.


Prior to forming Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Jeremy Goldstein was a leading compensation advisement attorney working for another firm in New York City. He has over 40 years experience in the field and has provided services to many of the largest corporations and associations in the world. He is admitted to the New York Bar and has received a number of top awards and accolades over the course of his 40 year career.

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