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Neurocore Provides Brain Performance Training to Enhance Athletic Performance

Release Fact recently published Brian Harris’ article, titled “Neurocore Brain Training Centers Takes it to the Next Level”. The article discusses the brain enhancement training centers and how they use brain diagnostics to determine how each patient’s brain works. Read more about Neurocore at

Harris reveals that the difference in concentration and performance might be a difference in the way people train their brain. This is particularly important when the brain is able to think from a proactive place, performing at an optimal level. Even professional athletes are beginning to add this new “brain training” to their overall training programs.

By training the brain, athletes are able to create different signals that encourage the brain and muscles to relax. This allows the subconscious and the precision of muscle memory take over. Theoretically, this optimum state of the mind can guarantee success. One only needs to overcome stress, relax the body and mind to reach these optimal levels. Stress can be a huge detriment to performance. Long-term or chronic stress can also have a negative affect on physical and mental health.

Dr. Tim Royer, one of the founders of Nerocore Brain Performance Centers and a neuropsychologist reveals that this training of the mind is the next level in training for high performance athletes. It helps each athlete access that moment of pure focus more frequently, by finding the sweet spot for the brain’s performance. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

For example, throughout the sporting event, the sweet spot creates increased brain frequencies. However, after the event, the brain needs rest to relax and recover, just like any other muscle. The lower frequencies of the brain in the relaxed state are what people call “winding down”.

Optimizing the brain through training can also help the rest of the body function better. Because the brain controls the rest of the body, training the brain correctly may have a positive impact on the endocrine system, cardiovascular system and even the respiratory system. This protects the body against the detrimental effects of mental or physical stress and helps the individual perform at optimized levels.

Neurocore provides brain diagnostics and brain performance training. It is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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