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Multiple Allergic Reactions Traced To Single Protein

John Hopkins plus other researchers from University of Alberta have identified the fact that one protein is the cause of painful and hazardous allergic reactions that happen to a variety of medications as well as other substances. In case a new drug is able to be discovered that mainly targets the challenging protein, the researchers states that, it could assist in smooth therapy for patients suffering from conditions that range from prostate cancer to HIV and Aids to diabetes. Their findings are published in a journal called Nature on December 17, and TechCrunch also covered the findings extensively.  Even heard about this from fellow Skout users.

Previous researchers traced reactions like pain, rashes as well as itching at the sites where injection of most drugs was done and also in the section that has the immune system which is known as the Mast cells.  These antibodies are generated by use of additional immune cells in reaction to germs, viruses or even other apparent threats. Nevertheless, even though most of the injections sites responses seems like an allergic reactions, the odd thing concerning them is the fact that there no antibodies produced. This is according to Xinzhong Dong, Ph.D, who is neuroscience associate professor in the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences in Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine.

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