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Mike Baur Helps Young Entrepreneurs Acheive Success With Their Startups And Their Dreams

Mike Baur is best known for his creation of the Swiss Startup Factory but this is not where his story began. When he was a teenage boy he lived in Fribourg, Switzerland and has a passion for banking and finances. Nobody who knew him was surprised when he took his passion and turned it into a career. He pursued his education at the University of Rochester and the University of Bern and earned his MBA and executive MBA.


Mike Baur spent the next two decades as a success within the Swiss banking industry. His promotions were consistent and he eventually became an executive member of the board at one of the biggest private Swiss banks. He worked at several prestigious banks including Sallfort and Clariden. In 2014 Mike Baur reached the age of 39 and his journey into entrepreneurship began. He created a team with two partners and the Swiss Startup Factory was born. This was where young innovators could go for support and mentorship. The business is owned privately and was financed independently. This was the first business Switzerland had ever seen offering techpreneurs accelerated programs.


Due to Mike Baur’s interest in youth’s he has contributed a lot of his time helping young entrepreneurs with their startups by offering financial help and coaching. He works at the Swiss Startup Factory as the CEO and handles all the fundraising and financing personally. The Swiss Startup Factory was created in Zurich and strives to find and lend support to entrepreneurs in the digital field. An accelerator program lasting three months is offered to these entrepreneurs to mentor them in financing, provide office space, and teach them the workings of both investor and financial networks.


The Swiss Startup Factory gives young entrepreneurs the ability to learn more about digital technologies and attend an accelerator program structured to enhance their creative thinking and innovative power so they can become competitive on the global market. During the three months, they spend in the program their startups are put through their paces and tested to make certain their ideas have value and can successfully be pitched to possible investors. The program was designed for young entrepreneurs with ambition to use their innovations and ideas to make a difference in the world. Lean canvas methodology is used to share their ideas with the world. A collaborative environment brings experts and innovators together through the Swiss Startup Factory.


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