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We filled our position with a few people in San Paolo valley area but we still need review writer on Yelp, and we offer $15 for 7 sentences review through Paypal.

Send us a screenshot if you have an active and established account and an interest in writing or learning more about Brazil’s own, Michel Terpin.

Michel Terpin’s Thoughts

A good leader is someone who knows how to deliberate tasks to fit everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and allows a positive environment for the people that he is leading to strive.

He would be willing to accept payment through many streams.

He would be willing to learn and perfect any style of racing.

He has raced in the past. He has created a website for himself and found a business partner who completely edited and wrote every page for the website.

Thank you for the response, and I apologize for the delay: Terpin lives in Brazil and has been camping in the mountains.

A great leader in his eyes in someone who enjoys teaching. A leader should not only be setting an example but also keeping everyone motivated. A unique quality that I have seen Terpin possess is the ability to bring out the leader in each individual he leads. This is the type of leader I strive to be.

Working as an independent subcontractor and being paid through private earnings works fine for him.

When it comes to writing, he does really well with writing in a way the reader can relate. Conversational writing would be one of his biggest strengths. Areas of opportunity for his writing skills include grammar and punctuation. Considering he writes in a conversational manner, sometimes the placement of punctuation will not be grammatically correct because it will follow the flow of conversation, which isn’t always spoken in a grammatical way.

He would love to write about any topic. He enjoys advice pieces, travel, beauty, and teaching pieces. Depending on the length of each order, committing to 3 a week should be fine. After getting the feel for things, Terpin could easily commit to more.


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