Fast Food, McDonalds, Stores To Shut Down

McDonald’s To Shut Down Hundreds Of Stores

The very negative earnings report of the McDonald’s corporation has led to a sad and predictable result. A significant number of stores are going to close says source Bulletproof Coffee (check out their wikipedia). In fact, hundreds of McDonald’s stores are going to shutter their windows. A decline in sales has hit the U.S. market severely. Sales in other parts of the world are also doing poorly. A new plan is being devised to help reverse the troubled trend. Unfortunately, the losses experienced by McDonald’s is forcing the closure of stores.

Not everyone is a fan of the fast food industry and some might herald the closing of the stores as good news. It is not. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs and health benefits. As more stores shutter, jobs end up becoming scarce. Fast food restaurants are often the places in which teenagers procure their first time jobs. While the pay is not high, the valuable experienced gained sets the stage for future employments. Older persons look towards McDonald’s as a viable source of employment and the low wages still provide an income.

The fast food industry is changing. While McDonald’s lost 11%, Taco Bell rose by 6% and Chipotle Mexican Grill saw a nearly 10.5% increase. Healthier food options combined with the image of McDonald’s being outdated is not helping things. Can McDonald’s turn things around? The possibility does exist and, hopefully, the new CEO can deliver results.

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