Keith Mann, a Current for Positive Flow

Learning about static electricity is hilarious for students. Scientifically known as the triboelectric effect, children do crack-up at the sight of their Frankenstein hair. As they experiment with a Van-de-Graaff electrostatic generator the elation is electrostatic. So when Keith Mann and his Dynamics Search Partners team visited Uncommon Schools at Crown Heights, nothing about it was electrically neutral. The atmosphere was a buzz. The five paneled executive recruiters were there to peak interest in high school seniors for college and job preparation, and the electricity in the room was certainly positive. The New York based entrepreneur, Keith Mann saw the senior’s potential, and happily praised them.

Uncommon School’s staff boasted the event was bubbly, and the kids thrilled. Having established a charter school, Uncommon School is an educational system based on quality, not stadium like capacity as public schools are.

Dynamics Search Partners is a remarkable executive search company deemed on gathering the best hedge fund and private equity personnel. They match qualified job seekers to hiring managers. So did the students recognize the arc between their future, and the man standing before them? The answer is yes.

It is a fact that most objects are electrically neutral, however on occasion, analogous to this event, when objects in close contact touch, some object lose electron, and the others gain electrons, triboelectricity. Similarly, there was an exchange of ideas at the senior resume expo between Uncommon School students and Keith Mann which both say the experience will stick with them enduringly. This same philosophy is congruent with Dynamics Search Partners motto, creating long-lasting relationships and partnerships. This is the foundation.


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