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Jason Hope: Arizona Futurist And Humanitarian

Jason Hope is an Arizona native who grew up in Tempe and still calls the state his home. Being a skilled futurist, Jason makes bold predictions about which direction the future of technology is heading, and his talents are highly sought after by modern businesses who look for ways to capitalize on future tech.

Jason Hope was able to clearly predict the trend towards mobile devices and created JAWA, a mobile communications company, which became a parent company for additional tech industry partnerships.

Jason’s ideas about the Internet of Things(IoT), which refers to any device that is network-enabled, allowing it 2-way communication, have enabled him to make many successful predictions about future technology. A lot of the “future” technology possibilities he was talking about just a few years ago are now becoming a reality. For example, Jason predicted that people would be wanting more and more of the same amenities they have in their home while they are out on the road. He was absolutely correct and, in fact, products and services related to IoT are expected to make more than $300 billion which represents $1.9 trillion in overall worldwide economic value.

Jason Hope works to create new innovative products that benefit humanity and also supports other people who do the same. Profit is not his only concern, and he helps many upcoming younger entrepreneurs find the resources and funds they need to get their projects or careers off of the ground. He offers seniors in high school and college students grants to help them jump-start their technology related ideas. Having received a degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason knows the value of education and has dedicated himself to making the world a better place through education and technology.

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