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How Diversant is Relying on John Goullet to Serve the IT Industry

Diversant LLC has distinguished itself by offering staffing services to IT firms. The company has helped numerous Fortune 500 firms to fulfill their recruitment strategies. It offers different staffing services to its clients. The company’s success is based on the fact that it has a detailed database that links IT firms with prospective employees. Such individuals are only required to sign up and submit their résumés. They will be contacted as soon as a vacancy that matches their job description arises.

Diversant has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years. This is attributed to the experience and industry expertise of individuals such as John Goullet who is its Principal. The firm’s growth has coincided with advancements within the IT industry. It reflects the company’s ability to serve its clients in an effective way through the provision of diversified services and products.

John Goullet Info Technology

John Goullet has been serving as Diversant’s Principal since 2010. He was appointed to the position after his company, Info Technologies joined forces with Diversant. He had founded the company in 1994, and led it into one of the biggest and most proactive IT staffing firms in the United States. He merged it with Diversant so that the scope of services offered could be expanded. Prior to this, Info Technologies was recording turnovers amounting to tens of millions. At one point, it was named among the fastest growing corporations. This success is credited to the visionary leadership that Goullet and his management team provided.

How Diversant Will Benefit from Goullet’s Expertise

Mr. Goullet has already established himself as a trusted industry head. His tenure as Diversant’s Principal has coincided with impressive upturns in the company’s operations. Being an innovator, he has helped Diversant to maintain its supremacy in the IT staffing industry. Mr. Goullet’s deep understanding of emergent marketing trends has enebled him identify the specific staffing needs of Diversant’s clients.

Several solutions have been added to the company’s portfolio including direct hire, and innovative diversity solutions. The formation of affiliations with like-minded companies has enabled the firm to exceed the needs of the IT industry. Under him, there has been a general recognition that clients ought to be involved as proper business partners through extensive consultation.

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