To me the reading of this article involves common sense. For many years, researchers, reporters, and healthcare workers have touted the benefits of home cooking. But this article shares a word of caution about home cooking.

Dr. Rod Rohrich says that researchers have been studying data collected from over 2700 women ranging in ages from their 40’s to 60’s. In this study the women answer questions about cooking at home and what was used in cooking. It was found in these studies that the more people cook at home, they raise their chances of contracting heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. But Why?

The answer, to me, is simple: When we cook at home it doesn’t mean we are cooking healthier. People in general tend to use more salt, butter, and oil than in needed to prepare healthful creations.  Now wouldn’t you rather fill the tank with premium (fruits, vegetables, protein) versus the lowest grade fuel you can find?

One comment on “Healthy Home Cooking?

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