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Good News as Equities First Holdings Offers Better Terms to Borrowers

Equities First Holdings has entered into a new season where the applications from borrowers have come in numbers. This change can be attributed to the recent changes that were injected in the banking sector that require borrowers to pay more interest to get financed. With stringent regulations that bar borrowers from advancing their bid for credit, the only option left is to go for alternative sources of credit, which include getting stock-based loans that Equities First Holdings has been offering to customers.

The company has explained that borrowers who were previously relying on banks for credit have found a new avenue through which they can secure credit to cater for their urgent needs. Some of the changes that were introduced among the banks that are barring many from going for credit include the tightening of laws, thereby preventing more from accessing credit. Interest rates have also increased over the period, something that has made borrowing through a bank expensive.

Equities lending has come as a relief among borrowers since they are able to access loans without necessarily going through traumatizing processes that involve attaching security to loans. The interest rates offered through equities lending are fixed, so once you borrow there is no risk of paying more in the event inflation occurs. Most importantly, stock-based loans offer flexibility since you are not restricted on the duration you can pay the loan, as long as you have the money you can clear and move on.


Equities First Holdings, LLC

Equities First Holdings, a global lender that has been offering alternative options of credit, has grown to become the most reliable provider of alternative lending solutions. With presence in different countries across the world, the company has managed to see an increase in the number of borrowers, who have come as a result of the changes that have hit the banking industry.

Established in 2002, Equities First has emerged as a premier institution that is focused on offering value to customers across different platforms. The company has issued over $1.4 billion worth of loans for the many years they have been in the business and their continued support for young ventures has attracted more customers.

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