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George Soros: A Best-Selling Author

According to the research conducted by the Forbes Magazine, George Soros is one of the best-selling authors of America. His insight into a diverse range of knowledge fascinates the world. While using books as a way to impart knowledge to the people, he has led them into knowing his approaches in business and investment. Soros uses books to share his perspectives on open societies, philanthropy, globalization, economics, and politics. Here are some of his important texts.

Why I Invest $500 Million with Migrants
According to the data issued by the United States government, the world has seen a surge of forced migration unsettled. For this reason, this is the era that saw the largest number of people under migration in different parts of the world. For the world to develop a policy, they must have a standardization statement on Forbes that governs immigration problems. There are millions of people on the move. However, some are fleeing from home countries in search of greener pastures. While other nations provide a better environment for them, they are looking for the best states in the world. Some are escaping an oppressive regime or civil war. Due to extreme poverty, some are forcing their way out. For the sake of their families and themselves, they are lured by the possibility of a better economic advancement according to Soros.

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Promise of Regrexit
The refugee crisis has remained one of the greatest issues affecting the people of the United Kingdom according to Soros. The British Exit from the European Union was part of the solution for this problem. Whenever you have a problem, you will always think about home. As a matter of fact, the crisis had a significant role to play in bringing calamities in the Exit. The vote for Britain to exit the European Union came as a shock to many people. While they never expected the United Kingdom to exit the Union, the voting morning was the final fate. For this reason, the European Union disintegration is inevitable.

The future of Europe after Brexit
I believe, Britain, had diverse interests that gained the favor of the union. The country had best deals under the guidance of the European Union on However, they had a choice to make as a civilized country. The union was the common market belonging to all states in Europe. While the European Union severed many deals for the country, they never saw that as a conviction.

Europe’s Last Chance to Fix Asylum Seekers Policy
For the European Union to slow its disintegration process, the asylum seekers crisis was the principal problem. In 2016, Brexit was a major calamity that contributed to the crisis. Xenophobic has been reinforced by these calamities. In the coming year, the European Union will try to win a series of votes because they are failing.

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