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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva – The Man behind MB2 Dental

Everything works much better when everyone comes together, don’t you think? For the dentistry field, this is proving true thanks to a revolutionary practice management network: MB2 Dental. It promises change for the better for dentists and patients alike. Visit the company website MB2 Dental to know more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

What is MB2 Dental?

MB2 Dental is a practice management network that was formed on the premise that dentists would work better by networking more. It was designed to create a bridge between sole practitioners and corporate dentists. It was also designed to come up with ways of better service provision to patients.

MB2 Dental is the brainchild of Dr. Chris Villanueva. Having worked both in corporate dentistry and as a sole practitioner, he knew of the hurdles caused by common approaches to practice management network, and he also recognized the opportunities to be if these hurdles were eliminated. Learn more on about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

What MB2 Dental Does for Dentists

MB2 Dental is focused on creating a better working environment for dentists to make their work easier. Additionally, dentists come with varying specialties and skills just in the same way as patients come with varying conditions. In cases where one dentist cannot offer the required treatment, MB2 Dental makes it easier to network and connect.

In the long run, the patients’ customer experience also improves, and so do their loyalty. This, in turn, gives MB2 Dental dentists greater credibility than the competition.

It is also important to note that MB2 Dental’s members are 100% autonomous, hence making the network more of an organized community of dentists. Additionally, practice owners get to go on bi-yearly retreats to random parts of the world for all sorts of fun activities including white-water rafting.

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What MB2 Dental Does for Patients

MB2 Dental also looks out for the patients as they should always come first. By improving dentists’ operations, MB2 also improves the quality of service provision to patients of all levels.

How is MB2 Dental Unique?

The most important aspect about MB2 Dental is dentist-owned. The people overseeing it as well as its members are all dentists who know the ups and downs of the practice.

Additionally, MB2 Dental is not focused entirely on making profits. Rather, as explained, it seeks to create a better working environment for dentists to make their work easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, it is also designed to improve service provision to patients.

Consequently, better service provision to patients eventually grows organic growth that can be sustained for the long-term.

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