Don Ressler’s Influence in Fabletics Active Wear Brand

For quite a long time women have been faced with lots of hurdles when it comes to choosing the best athletic wear. The option between fashion and affordability has not been easy as most manufacturers in the industry have concentrated on either side of the divide. However, thanks to Don, Adam, and Kate Hudson, through their active women athletic wear brand Fabletics, women can have it all.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are one of the biggest forces to reckon with when it comes to the tech-fashion industry. The two entrepreneurs are stopping at nothing until they see all the women happy, comfortable, and trendy in their athletic wear. Since 2010, the women activewear market has always been high, however, there has not been a single product that has committed to needs of the market and hence the birth of the Fabletics business. From its establishment, Fabletics has been able to weather the storm to emerge the best in the market.

One of the many factors that have helped Fabletics retain its number one position includes its leadership. Don Ressler has in a million ways helped this brand gain the reputation it enjoys now. Through his experience in the industry, Don has been able to convert Fabletics from a brand that follows the market trends to a brand that sells what its customers want. How so? Through focus groups and numerous consumer test, Fabletics has been able to identify what its consumers want hence addressing customer needs.

The other great idea Don Ressler has been able to bring to Fabletics is by introducing Kate Hudson as the CEO and face of the business. This marketing model has worked effectively to counter the relatively ubiquitous marketing strategies in this industry. Thanks to Kate’s confidence, friendly, and excellent communication skills, she has been able to connect to a number of people thus helping Fabletics do business. On top of this, Kate is also seen wearing the brand’s active wears, communicating her confidence in the brand.

In addition to Kate’s input, Fabletics online model is also a strong selling point for the company. The membership model has made it easy for most people to access the amazing products of the company. Once you have an account, you can get your products delivered at your premises.

According to Don Ressler, the success of Fabletics is just but a tip of what clients should expect. For instance, in 2017, the brand has plans to expand its products to accommodate the plus-sized women market.

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