Dick DeVos, a Hearty Philanthropist with an Unmatched Entrepreneurial Skill

Dick DeVos, an entrepreneur as well as a hearty philanthropist was born in Michigan State in 1995. Involved in the family business from a young age, he holds leadership and strategic planning skills.


In terms of education, he pursued a business administration degree from Northwood University. He attended Harvard business school as well as Wharton’s executive study program. He received honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University and Northwood University respectively.


He is currently married to Betsy DeVos, the former chair of Michigan Republican Party and secretary of Education. Together, the DeVoses have been hailed as one of the most influential individuals in Washington. Critics still continue to admonish Betsy DeVos for the controversial stances she’s adopted in her new capacity as the 11th Secretary of Education in the USA.

Betsy has, however, shelved aside all the naysayers and soldiered on with her lifelong passion and commitment to resuscitating the dying and ineffective private American learning systems. To learn more about the milestone achievements by Betsy and Dick in the span of the last 30 years click here.


Career pursuits.


He was the vice president of Amway International for 6 years (1984-1990). With his exemplary leadership, Amway ventured into new markets and soaring foreign sales followed.


Responsible for 18 countries, he grew annual sales by over 50%. He became President and CEO of Orlando Magic for 2 years (1991-1993). He was described as a tough but fair individual who expected results and a meticulously detailed management team.


He rejoined Amway as a president in 1993 to 2002 for a period of 9 years. He took the company globally and set industry standards during his tenure.

In 2002 he became the President of Windquest Group a private investment management group spread in technological, manufacturing sectors.


Political ambitions.


He was elected to the Michigan State Education Board in 1990 and in 1993 became co chair of the Education Freedom Fund which provides private scholarships to Michigan families with low income to attend schools of their choice.


In 2006, he vied for the gubernatorial seat and was considered to be the wealthiest man to run for the hotly contested statewide office in the history of Michigan. He is a man who fights for the state’s economy and is in touch with the business community and echoes their sentiments in his policies.


With his engaging public debates, public speaking comes as a natural skill to him. In an effort to promote rights to work, a belief dear to him, the DeVos family assisted in forming the Michigan Freedom fund. Dick DeVos is a passionate philanthropist; his foundation donated millions of dollars to educational, civic, free-market economic as well as religious organizations.


Dick is a highly respected community member who sits on various boards and has been awarded many honors.


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