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Copa Star Hospital Outshines All Other Healthcare Facilities


The Copa Star hospital is a luxurious environment for patients who are recovering from surgery or illness. One of the founding members, Jorge Moll, mentioned that the concept of a five-star hospital is a new idea for Rio de Janeiro. It is now one of the most modern hospital environment in the entire country. Patients can expect to receive a world-class experience at a deluxe hospital featuring modern technology, exceptional customer service and advanced diagnostic systems. Providing exceptional comfort and therapeutic spaces is an attractive option for many patients. These comfortable accommodations have effectively raised the bar on the concept of hospital recovery, and other top hospitals may face a new competitor.

This premiere hospital is equipped with an environment similar to the accommodations found in five-star hotels or luxury apartment complexes. Every aspect of the hospital’s interior is designed to cater to the needs of the patient. This includes comfortable sitting areas and tastefully decorated lobbies. The facilities as well as the individual suites are aesthetically designed to maximize patient comfort during extended stays. In addition, the structurally sound building features Penebar SW-55 joints for each of the five floors. This provides sturdy structural support to minimize drafts and any potential vulnerabilities to the erosion caused by the elements.

Hospital Environment


The hospital emphasizes its world-renowned cardiac and neurological treatments, and it is being presented as a rival to some of Brazil’s finest hospitals including Albert Einstein and Sírio-Libanês, which are both located in São Paulo. Copa Star features 21,000 square meters of space with 59 intensive care units, or ICUs. The luxurious interior is encased in structurally sound concrete made with Penetron Admix to maximize insulation. There are more than 500 professionals employed at Copa Star, and the nurse staff is trained in specific protocols that affect patients at this luxury hospital.

Technological Innovations

World-class technologies are featured in this five-star hospital. This includes an advanced diagnostic center, MRI machines, neurosurgery facilities, smart operating rooms, robotic assistants and high-end recovery areas for patients. There is a complete control system over various aspects of the patient’s room, for example. An application is downloaded onto an iPad, and the patient can use it to control the lights, curtains and other environmental features within the suite. This iPad app also interfaces with the doctors and nurses for video conferencing. It also includes an option for viewing diagnostic imagery with the attending healthcare professional.

The Copa Star hospital in Rio de Janeiro is advancing innovative technological solutions to address the typical kinds of problems faced by patients in the intensive care units, or ICUs. Specifically, video technology now allows conference calls with the outside world, and this reduces the tendency of patients to develop problems due to extended periods of confinement. Video technology is also used to display images of the exterior environment, which helps patients to keep track of time. This is important for patients who may become unable to tell the difference between day and night because of the consistent indoor surroundings. This technology simulates additional windows and provides psychological benefits for many patients.

Patient Accommodations


The luxury environment promotes a sense of exclusivity in every area where patients recreate and recover. For example, the dining facility is posh and modern, and patients will enjoy fine meals prepared by celebrated chefs with an emphasis on healthy, nutritious cuisine. Visual stimulation is included in the hospital’s recovery environment. An example of this is the broadcasted scenery of the nearby oceans, which are visually soothing and encourage contemplation. These images are composed of real-time video footage of the nearby ocean, which is an landmark attraction for visitors from around the world.

The images alleviate the displacement patients may feel after extended periods of confinement, according to one of Copa Star’s neurosurgeons, Paulo Niemeyer. The imagery that appears on the screens create the effect of a window. Additional features are added to the lobby area for the benefit of visitors and patients. The large sofas are comfortable, and they encourage long visits and conversations. This hospital acquired some fine art from renowned Japanese artist, Yutaka Toyota, and it is on display in the main lobby next to a grand piano. This creates a luxurious interior area reminiscent of fine hotels, and more hospitals are expected to open in nearby cities sometime in the future, according to Jorge Moll.

Premium Experience for Patients

Every aspect of the patient’s experience at the Copa Star hospital is designed to eliminate the alienation that often comes from the typical medical setting. In addition to these visual improvements, patients can also expect the highest level of care from qualified and experienced physicians, nurses and support staff. Every aspect of patient care is treated with the highest level of sophistication at the Copa Star hospital.

The location of the facility is at the Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães, and it belongs to a network called the D’Or Institute, which is seeking to expand this model to other areas within Brazil. The group is establishing a new paradigm of patient care by combining the concept of the five-star hotel or luxury condominium with the sophistication of a world-class hospital environment. The emphasis on cardiology and neurology contributes to the prestige of the luxury hospital, so the group hopes to expand on this model in areas like Brasilia and São Paulo.


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