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Cone Marshall: New Zealand’s Barrister

UPDATE: November 18, 2016 – Cone Marshall recently released a this PDF that includes a complete record of their services and company details.
The subject of international taxes is one of the most fascinating and complex issues facing the world today. With business around the world becoming so much more globalized and connected, it’s becoming a highly important aspect of the practice of law. That’s why I find the story of Cone Marshall, I am amazed when I see the determination Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall has shown in making the firm the most prominent international tax and trust planning firm in New Zealand. From what I’ve seen of Cone’s experience in counseling, as well as some experience as a litigator in the West Indies, it’s certainly helping him build this firm into the vision they’ve had for it and beyond. There simply isn’t anyone out there like Cone Marshall. Founded by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall in 1999, the firm has been creating international tax plans for more than 17 years and continues to show the same standards of excellency.

To understand Cone Marshall you have to understand New Zealand and it’s tax transparency. In contrast to a tax haven, where few tax laws exists and those laws that do exist are intended to conceal information from governments, tax transparent countries participate in the international exchange of information in order to improve the enforcement of domestic tax laws. For example, if I were to take $10 million pounds from Britain and put them in a Japanese LLC, tax transparency would require that Japan shares the details of my transfer with the United Kingdom. This isn’t about shady backroom deals or cheating the system.

Equipped with that understanding of New Zealand’s tax transparency, it’s easy to see why Geoffrey Cone and karen Marshall’s firm is so important. Their firm provides foreign businesses with tax plans designed to fit around the demands for transparency found within in New Zealand law. It stands to combat the sort of shifty deals you might see in tax havens. Cone Marshall promotes the sort of transparency and reliability needed in contemporary tax law and trust planning. It’s no wonder so many companies have trusted them to take on so many difficult tasks.

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