UK Vintners Make It Easy To Become a Vintner

Wine might well be the world’s most popular beverage. People around the world have been consuming wine since the dawn of civilization. Those who love wine know they can always learn something new about the subject. This is why they turn to experts for help in discovering the kinds of wine available on the market for purchase. One way to learn about wine is with the help of specialists, such as vintners from the UK. Vintners are experts who can offer specific advice about, and online sale of, various kinds of wine such as which wine might pair well with a given protein. In an effort to help people even more, especially those who wish to enter this profession, a new program has been developed in recent years.

True Experts

Vintners in the United Kingdom are required to demonstrate their knowledge of this field. They must show that they know about all areas of wine. In doing so, they provide a service that people can rely on when selecting types of wine. A new program is now in effect that offers exciting opportunities for people who wish to make this field their own. Hattingley Valley Wines, one of the leading vintner companies in the United Kingdom, has teamed up for a new venture. They are working The Worshipful Company of Vintners ( to help create a thoughtful program that will allow students to explore new areas of wine making and become experts in this growing field. Together, the companies work hard to make sure that all of their students can have a winemaking apprenticeship that will truly prepare them for this complicated yet delightful field.

A Serious Commitment To Wine Education

Those who choose to participate in this opportunity will find that it helps them prepare for a career. They are required to spend two years in close study of all aspects of wine making. This allows any student to get a look at all areas of wine production from the growing of grapes in the field to the creation of various vintages of wine. They also get the chance to study the history of wine growing in various regions around the world, allowing them to see how wine cultivation may vary depending on the region. Students can complete the program in two years and then move on to a job here, confident they have the skills to do well and join the many UK vintners here.

Buying Wine On A Budget From UK Vintners

Wine is a very special beverage that helps bring out the flavors in food. A glass of wine can help demonstrate the subtle notes in a warm turkey gravy or help show the understated hints of flavors in a slab of fine dark chocolate. Many people love to drink wine. However, they might not always have the budget to buy wine. In that case, it is still possible to buy wines from UK vintners even on a lowered budget. Many UK vintners are delighted to help their clients learn what vintages are available to them that won’t break the bank. Most UK vintners are happy to help their clients discover why a given bottle of wine might be just as good as another even when it has a lower price.

Working With Wine Sellers

Many wine sellers have wines they are happy to sell at a discount. For example those at Bedales Wines have many wines in their cellars that are available at lowered cost. For those who like champagne, working with a specialist in the field can often mean getting champagne at lowered cost. The Champagne Direct company is happy to help buyers discover the wonderful bottles they have on hand that do not cost a lot of money. UK vintners who work directly with vineyards, like from Vineyards Direct, also help cut out the middleman and offer wines that aren’t as expensive. Many wine sellers in the United Kingdom also sell to the public via online sales. Ordering online can help people order in bulk and also save money at the same time. A company such Highbury Vintners offers wine sales online and may allow the buyer to buy in larger quantities. This can be ideal for those who do a lot of entertaining and always want to have wine on hand in their own house or at the office. In any case, it is best to think about the kind of wine that any buyer wants first before they buy items if they are on a wine budget.

Setting A Wine Budget

Setting a wine budget has many important advantages for the avid wine buyer. This allows the buyer to help set specific priorities as they decide to buy wine This way they can decide which wines they really want to have and then plan accordingly for the year. A buyer may realize that they prefer to have as many reds as possible in the house. When they have a wine budget, they are able to make sure that the bulk of their wine budget goes towards reds rather than other kinds of wines. Setting a wine budget also helps the buyer set aside funds to buy wine when they see a bargain in front of them and want to act quickly. They can choose to buy wines that are lower in cost and do so fast. This can help them save money in the longer term as wine will keep well when it is properly stored.

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Fine Wine According to The Antique Wine Company


Fine wine is a Eurpean cultural phenomenon that has a history of over three millennia. And like any other complex element of our culture, experiencing fine wine requires intelligent discrimination, utmost respect for tradition, and wide experience.


The Antique Wine Company, one of the world’s foremost purveyors of fine wines, displays all three of these qualities. You have only to listen to a few of the podcasts produced by Antique Wine Company’s Founder and CEO Stephen Williams, ranging from discussions of the component qualities of fine wine through reviews of major labels to such abstract concepts as the relationship between wine and music, to appreciate the depth of discrimination the company shows. AWC’s international staff of experts is also highly trained and experienced in helping customers understand and evaluate their products.


The appreciation of fine wine requires a deep respect for its history and tradition. Because the Antique Wine Company is fully aware of its responsibility to maintain and advance the tradition, it launched the AWC Wine Academy in 2011. Located at the Antique Wine Company’s headquarters in London, the Wine Academy hosts a regularly scheduled series of events designed to promote a wider and deeper understanding of the traditions of wine appreciation. These events include masterclasses, lectures, dinners, and corporate seminars, all presented with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems. The Antique Wine Company, in addition to partnering with an international firm that designs and constructs wine cellars, also offers advice and assistance in wine investment, insurance, and trade.


The maintenance of the European fine wine tradition also requires extensive experience with the production, bottling, distribution, and merchandising of wine. Here again, the Antique Wine Company shows itself to be one of the world’s foremost purveyors. Founded over thirty years ago and headquartered in London, with regional offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines, it operates in seventy countries around the world. The Antique Wine Company holds over 10,000 varieties of wines in its storage facilities, wines that represent not only France, Germany, and Italy, but the best of the vintages of the New World, from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina. From its beginnings in 1982, the company has grown to be one of the largest and most highly respected in the world, frequently called upon to assist in wine selection for events involving major world figures. In 2011, the Antique Wine Company broke the record for the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold (an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem). It is an established force in its field.


When it comes to selecting a purveyor of fine wines, you’ll be opting for discrimination, tradition, and experience when selecting the Antique Wine Company. In addition, shopping the Antique Wine Company’s online store is a dream of convenience and valuable support, not to mention elegance and ease. Experiencing the profound and ancient tradition of fine wines has never been easier. Find them on Facebook for more news and event information.