White Shark Media Handles Complaints Right

White Shark Media is a company always on the go. The firm continually seeks to attract new clients and customers. One way the company seeks to do this is by offering a no-risk, totally free evaluation of the company’s AdWords management services. A lot of people have taken advantage of the offer.

Many turned out to be thrilled with the results of their affiliation with White Shark Media. Not everyone, however, speaks in a purely positive tone. Complaints have been logged and registered towards White Shark Media.

The company has not chosen to ignore any of the complaints customers have made. Just as the firm publicly acknowledges good things on its testimonials page, the White Shark Media blog has expertly detailed common complaints and the way the company has chosen to address said complaints.

The latter point is critically important. White Shark Media has not gone the route of brushing aside or making excuses for complaints. Instead, deliberative and productive steps have been taken to fix what has gone wrong. For this, White Shark Media deserves kudos.

So, what are some of those customer complaints and how has the company chosen to address them?

According to BBB.org and Glassdoor, effective communications and clear details about how a campaign was to be managed were missing from the way White Shark Media initially operated. The company used to employ a weak general phone line number and did not provide direct extension access to search engine marketing specialists or sales representatives.

All of that has changed now. Additionally, a better supervisory system has been put in place. Doing so ensures company employees remain in touch with clients and respond to all inquiries.

Clear goals and steps regarding the campaign are now explained in critical detail to clients. A monthly streaming service delivers an effective means in which SEM specialists and clients can discuss progress. An additional tracking service is being used to log details about leads that “leave” the internet and end up becoming phone inquiries.

Changes to pre-existing AdWords campaigns – campaigns created before the client signed up with White Shark Media – are tempered. In other words, White Shark Media will not totally dissolve the previous endeavor in order to continue to maintain successful sales figures.

White Shark has made a lot of money for scores of its clients. The ability to make changes when necessary is among the reasons for this desirable effect.