Tips for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

It seems that every few years a new dieting fad comes about that becomes suddenly very popular with millions of people. While some people initially lose weight following these diets, many people end up struggling to keep the weight off. While diet fads tend to be tough to keep up with, a recent news article ( has found that dieters could follow several science-backed dieting tips to lose weight and keep it off.


One key tip is to eat the foods that you enjoy, but eat in modedration. While most people consider diets to be restrictive of their favorite foods, avoiding delicisous foods can be a recipe for disaster. All diets need to incorporate some level of food that you crave, otherwise you are unlikely to continue to follow the diet. The one rule to follow though is to ensure that you eat them in moderation and in smaller portion sizes.


Another tip that has been suggested is that you spend more time eating at home than in a restaurant. Most people can safely estimate how many calories and how much fat is in a meal that they eat at home. When eating at a restaurant, this can be much more challenging to estimate. Even in situations where you think you are eating healthy food, it could be covered in fat, butter, salt, or sugar to make it taste better. This can end up adding on hundreds of additional calories.


Those that are looking to lose weight should also change the focus on what food they consume. Those that are looking to feel healthy and satiated should try to eat foods that are full of fiber and protein. These typically include lean meats and vegetables, which will help you to feel full throughout the day. Dieters should also try to get their caloric intake from food rather than beverages. Juices, smoothies, and even alcohol is loaded with calories and sugar, which can derail any diet.


Most experts also agree that staying hydrated is a key when it comes to weight loss. Drinking plenty of water will help you to feel full between meals, will make you feel better, and will even help to give you the energy that you need to make it through the day.