Securus Technologies Working to Maintain Prison Order

Keeping order inside a very crowded jail is no easy task, and I can speak from experience having worked as a corrections officer in this facility for two decades. The biggest issue is that officers work only a few hours each day, while inmates spend every second of every day plotting and looking for weaknesses they are able to exploit.


In our efforts to tighten up security in this prison, officers will utilize a number of different resources afforded to us by the jail. One effective resource are drug dogs we use during cell inspections to try and eliminate any contraband that could be used by inmates. An inmate using drugs is far more dangerous because they feel invincible and will often lash out at others. Inmates on drugs are a danger to officers, inmates, guests of the jail, and all staff members.


Inside the prison visiting center we make use of other equipment to reduce the chances of inmates hurting others. The scanning equipment we have can detect if guests are trying to bring anything to inmates or if inmates are trying to get those items back to their cells. This year, our team was provided another resource to use to listen in on inmates using the jail phone system. Developed by Securus Technologies, the call monitoring system does all the work that used to require a team of officers, scanning calls for any chatter on things prohibited in our facility.


Securus Technologies developed the LBS software to listen more intently to inmates while allowing officers to get to more pressing issues. Now as my team is elsewhere taking care of safety concerns, we get alerts from the system if inmates are discussing contraband, weapons, fighting, gang issues, or drugs. Now we can be proactive and eliminate threats long before anyone is placed in harm’s way.