A New Vegan Burger Creates Excitement

A new meatless burger that “bleeds” has received a generally warm reception from many critics. The new product, which reportedly obtained some financial backing from billionaire Bill Gates, uses beet juice to mimic the appearance of lightly cooked filet mignon.

When the burger appeared at Whole Foods Markets in Boulder during May, customers flocked to try it. The product sold out during its first day on the shelves.

The vegan patty boasts an impressive 20 grams of protein and does not contain either soy or gluten. It costs slightly more than actual meat patties. People who eat meat reported that the texture of the plant-based product very closely resembles meat products.

The new product will compete with other vegetarian and vegan meatless patties, including Boca Burgers. Some customers praised the use of beet juice in the product, noting that it gave the new patty a somewhat more liquid constituency than many other plant-based burgers, which sometimes taste drier than meat-based burgers. The patty relies extensively upon peas as a meat substitute.

After its premier in Boulder, “Beyond Burger” will appear in other locations this summer. The product does contain some commercially popular food preservatives.

Foodies who have consumed Beyond Burger widely praised the taste. The use of beet juice also generated a lot of favorable comments, as did the chewy texture. The new product actually offers more protein than meat-based burgers of comparable sizes.

Guy Fieri Makes Top-Notch Veggie Burger

If you’re familiar with Food Network host and restaurant owner Guy Fieri, you know how passionate he is about a premium cut of meat. Even though he grew up vegetarian and had health-conscious parents, Fieri’s love for carnivorous meals started as a child and continued to grow as he started to cook for himself and his family.

Guy recently (temporarily) returned to his vegetarian roots by creating a veggie burger that is full of nutrients and packed with flavor. The burger promises to be a savory treat for vegetarians, but meat-eaters can enjoy the heartiness of the “burger” as well. Fieri crafted this delicious entree in honor of his late sister Morgan.

A combination of white, garbanzo and black beans are the protein for the burger, which also contains jalapeno peppers, onion, black olives, and a host of spices and seasonings. Bread crumbs, rolled oats and an egg help to bring the burger together so that it’s ready to be sauteed.

Guy Fieri is the host of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and has tasted a meat-free entree or two on the show. He’s also hosted a special featuring his son Hunter, who has dreams of going to culinary school. So, fans shouldn’t expect Fieri to give up the meat any time soon, since he still wants to provide his take on all the delectable meat dishes offered all over the U.S.